Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sup-p-per Troup-p-per

Mondays gaming was shifted to Tuesday thanks to boxing day, which is a good enough reason I suppose. Had two games, first was eKrueger vs Seige at 35pts and ended with seige being killed by lightning bolt. nothing exciting about the game aside from it being my first game against the Cygnar battle engine. Which did very little due to a plethora of immunity on my part ( the druids elemental protection being paramount for once).

The second game was something better though, my friend Ed was back and having left his models at uni borrowed my Privateers for the game. Shae vs Grayle. There was very little by the way of battle. lots of sea dogs came in very fast, they got butchered. My guys got butchered back a bit. In the end it came down to Shae vs Grayle. Grayle tried to get the first strike with some crafty side steps and storm rager on himself only to be stopped by tough, camped a few fury to try and stave off the counter. Shea put storm rager on himself and went to town pushing Grayle towards a freebooter which tried to hit him and missed. Grayle survived on 8 hits thanks to transfers. But all his beasts were down now. So after cutting for 6 fury Grayle went to town on Shae leaving him on 3 hits. Who then started wailing back on Grayle and finished the job off. All told a lot died, and the casters had an epic battle in the middle of all of this. Which I decided that I wasn't going to interfear with anyone else and Ed seemed to have agreed was the best idea for the laugh. 

Ed is now buying my Privateers from me, I'd grown bored of the one playstyle they have and we had one of our most enjoyable games in a long time. So he wanted them.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

eBaldur's first outing

Well, Monday saw me bringing eBaldur for his first outing as well as a unit of Woldstalkers and my Woldguardian that never really get used. I went up against a Trollblood player with Borka and a focus on infantry, which is a shock as there were very few 'beasts.

Me! eBaldur, Gorax, Woldguardian, Warpwolf Stalker, Megalith, Shifting Stones w/Stoneward, Woldstalkers, Druids w/Overseer, Druid Wilder and a Blackclad Wayfarer.

Against! Borka, Troll Impaler, Troll Bouncer, Dire Troll Mauler, Fennblades (max), Champions (max) w/Skaldi, Pyg Burrowers, Janessa Stonetide and a Fell Caller. There may have been some other stuff, but druid lasers made short work of the trolls and it got a bit messy over his side quite quickly.

Set up and first turn, My battlegroup took centre with the woldstalkers on the right druids were AD in front of them shifting stones were in front of the battlegroup and the solos hanging around with the battlegroup. Trolls had fenns over in front of the druids and woldstalkers, champs over to the left of my battlegroup with the pygs, his battlegroup took centre too...behind the fenns, is amazing how much space a 10 man unit of medium bases can cover. My first turn was a whole heap of running aside from the druids who put up counter magic and made a lot of clouds to hide the woldstalkers from prying eyes. He just ran at me.

Turn 2, Circle. Druids moved over to free up the woldstalkers, cast devouring at the fenns and force bolted a load more dropped counter magic as the only spell I was worried about was stonetides shifty spell and I was planning on feating this turn. The Woldstalkers zephered and moved up to finish off the fenns, thanks to some good tough rolls it ended up with 3 surviving but on their arses. Megalith trampled up to between the shifting stones and put his animus up, shifting stones teleported him in front of the woldstalkers and staring down the mauler and a bouncer. The guardian then ran into the stones triangle the stalker went over to stare down the burrow marker and the champs behind the wilder went with him as did the gorax. the blackclad stood near the guardian with no real plan in mind. Baldur went last, put a wall in front of the stalker and feated. Dropping a few fury so I could leech in next turn.
Turn 2, Trolls. he moved his fell caller over and used stand yer arse up. the fenns tried to charge some druids. Thanks to undergrowth one didn't make it in even though they were close. I lost a pair of druids. Then Borka feated, apparently so his mauler could get to megalith (I love how much of a headache he gives people), put iron flesh on the remaining fenns so they could tie down my druids. Then the mauler went after megalith, made it in and ended up doing very little damage thanks to the feat and some low damage rolls. the bouncer tried to do some more damage but seriously if a mauler can't do it a bouncer is going to do nothing. the pygs went after the stalker and failed to connect even once. the champs moved up behind them.

Turn 3. Circle. Druids took pot shots at the fenns and managed to finish them off despite iron flesh, and opened up a landing point for the mauler. Who on full fury was promptly thrown towards Borka. the woldstalkers moved up and concerted fire to put some damage on the champs and finish off the only target closer to the mauler than Borka. The guardian charged into the bouncer and slapped it about killing it off and moving closer to the champs in the process. The stalker tried to kill off the pygs...but tough rolls prevented him killing more than 3. He then sprinted away, moving out of charge range of the champs. the Blackclad tried to finish off some pygs but only got one more thanks to 2 more tough rolls. Baulder moved up. Roots on himself and the guardian.  Shifting stone all teleported to within an inch of beasts to help with fury managment next turn.
Turn 3. Trolls. Borka used his getting drunk ability. Charged into the woldstalkers and put iron flesh on himself. He killed a few of them but hey, they're disposable right? The champs charged the woldguardian which managed to survive with one aspect left the pygs burrowed again and moved off towards Baldur. Stonetide put a wall between Borka and my forces. I chuckled a bit at that.

Turn 4. Circle. It's time to make the kill. after the stones used healing field the Woldguardian went as I wanted to see it against this unit of champs, it wiped them out. Sweet lord he's taken some names in that game. the druids ran to surround Borka and Baldur charged in. Taking a huge chuck out of Borka and finishing him off with a few more solid hits from Tritus.

 Thoughts. He was a bit reckless with Borka and that lead to an easy charge, he'd left no fury on him and that helped a lot but I don't think he was expecting me to pin him down by surrounding him. eBaldur plays a lot differently, an advance with damn near unkillable wolds while he gets stronger and then gets in and does the job. I want a few more games with him before I comment more. Maybe against someone a little less reckless. The woldguardian kicked some massive arse and the woldstalkers played a nice role too. But like I said, against someone less reckless it might have been a different story.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Interesting Times

Well, I've now gotten through reading Domination and I must say it's a beautiful book. My compliments go out to PP at this point. I found it a much more interesting read than Wrath and the new toys I've been given far outstrip the new toys my Cygnar were.

-Grayle I've been into already, he's such a fun new 'lock that since picking him up I've done nothing but sing his praises. Several times over.

-eBaldur though is still new and while I do own him I've yet to get tabletime in with him. He has a few standout abilitys that make him look like a lot of fun. Namely Devourers Debt, Roots of the Earth and Rock Wall. He's getting stronger, he's going to be hitting things hard and he's going to be making it difficult to kill whatever you need to stay alive. I like the look of him. He's going to make a slow advance towards the enemy and then crush whatever stands in his way when he gets there. His feat is a little wonky in not allowing my force to move after I pop it but with his spell list Baldur is going to be a Warlock to activate late in the round anyway. Meaning a Wilder is going to be wanted to hand out the animus I might want casting and to extend his control bubble a bit if I'm playing out on the flanks with a beast. Game time will tell but I'm prefering the look of eBaldur to pBaldur.

-Scarsfell Griffon, nothing much to say, a nice solid flanking beast with abilitys to allow it to get where it needs to and stay in control while out there. Shame it's animus is 'self' as parry would be a nice ability to hand out but I can see why...SPD/STR warped Feral Warpwolves trampling and immune to freestrikes? Yeah that'd be fun.

-Winter Argus. Yeah, seems to follw the trend of Argii being overcosted. Plus it looses the ability that made the regular Argus even remotely useful in Combo Bite. It's animus being again 'Self' only and I'm failing to see what it's use is going to be. Still I know I'll be picking one up and I'll be trying to use it.

-Ghetorix...well, this is nice. A Warpwolf who has insane damage output without the need of primal is a grand thing. I can see Ghettorix Killing and eating everything in his path. His warps are a bit naff but look to be very usefull and his already decent ARM (by the standards of Circle anyway) is further improved by unyeilding. Loves him.

-Gallows Groves. 1pt channelers. Enough said? No? How about we can have up to 4 of them? Still no? How about enemy models within 3" loose tough? Still no? How about it's a frikkin doom tree? SOLD!

-Celestial Fulcrim, a bad ass laser sphere. Has all sorts out ranged attacks and can use them all each activation. This thing is icing (and firing, and on the cake. It's ranged attacks are a bit short ranged but thats fine by me as it has gunfighter so isn't too easy to stop. It generates a fury point each turn which it can use to boost or the Warlock can leech from it during the control phase. The only downside to this thing is it cannot be placed. So no teleporting the doom laser.

All told only the Winter Argus hasn't inspired me at first glace. All our other entries have had me frothing at the mouth. Plus the story arc was good for us, we got some stuff done. All it takes is Baldur coming back from the dead and then not including the rest of the order in his plans and we've done something without the endless bickering that defines the order. Good lad Baldur, take a leaf from Kruegers book. Just get stuff done and then deal with the rest of the Portents probably outraged reactions.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

An Army of Banes

Well, I missed out my update last week what with work picking up near christmas I never made it down the club, so nothing happened. Painting has hit a standstill too. Though hopefully that'll pick back up soon enough as I've now got another Warlock to work on. Yep I've now picked up eBaldur so I've got the full selection once again.

Game on monday was a shocker. I took my standard eKrueger list and sat down to play. My opponent was cryx, and took a full unit of Bane Thralls w/UA, then a second full Bane Thralls plus UA (deep terror was welling up at this point btw), then a full unit of Bane Knights...then a second full Bane Knights (seriously? Who owns that many???) then the Bane Lord himself. Well if you hadn't guessed it was eGoreshade and theme. I was not happy. Somehow actually managed a win but I'm sure it was more a case of luck than judgement. Ramming a battlegroup straight at Goreshade and just powering through while my units tried to hold the Banes at bay on the flanks. Eventually managed to get a Primal'd Shadowhorn to leap over and give him a pummeling.

So, I mentioned I picked up eBaldur. I also got a few other things, namely books though so nothing very exciting. Picked up the Skorne and Legion forces books as well as Domination. I'll likely post up my Domination musings, which everyone and anyone will have done and ten times better than I could ever manage. But for the Wurm I'm doing it anyway!

Also, My friend Ed has been reading Domination, I got a text today which read 'Christ, I'm going to hate Grayle aren't I?'

Yes Ed, yes you are.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Isn't he the one with the salt?

Well, Mohsar had a spin out yesterday but the real star of the show was the Lord of the Feast. Is there nothing he can't get at?

I did start writing up a battlereport but somehow that got lost, so I'll leave it at this, between countermagic from some Druids, Mohsars feat and the LotF getting at Calaban turn 2 (thanks to some crafty force bolts on an Ironback Spitter to give me a nice raven target), I controled the game. Calaban coundn't fling his spells at me, he couldnt move off and his second turn he had no fury to play with and his two Wrastlers frenzied killing a pair of Wolves of Orboros making them next to useless. The game ended when I got a Warpwolf Stalker through a unit of Gatormen thanks to Curse of Shadows to finish off the job the LotF started.

All told I really liked Mohsar and am thinking of swapping the list up a bit to try him out with mostly Wold warbeasts, was going to look into his theme force but needing two units of druids puts me off massivly. I've never felt the need to own more than the one I have (and was surprised to find was fully painted when I got it out to play with, they've been half finished since...well forvever).

Sunday, 27 November 2011

A slow month

Well, work has been hectic up to christmas, not reall getting time to paint or play. It's sad and all that but the good news is I'm getting a game tomorrow...more Grayle? No, not tomorrow. Tomorrow sees the end of my religious Grayle gaming in favour of something a bit new. Currently I'm in a toss up between eKrueger (who's my usual go to Warlock) or for something a bit new I may chuck a Mohsar list together.

Anyway, seeing as it's christmas thats keeping me from playing I thought I'd post something I made last year for a chuckle. I'm not overly fussed about christmas but I find that if I'm gonna spam wolds with pKrueger then it makes the opponent less vexed if they have...


Anyway, stay tuned for tomorrow. I'll post up what I take and how I do. In my usual half arsed manner.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Moar Grayle! A look at why he ticks...for me at least.

Stats - Grayle has them all where he needs them. A high SPD, MAT, DEF and ARM means he can get where he needs to for some stabbings, hit with a good accuracy and the ineviatable counter is blunted somewhat by his defences (needing MAT/RAT8 to hit him on averages). His CMD is also one over the Wolves so can be useful once things start to get stuck in, because yes he's always been that close to the action.

-Pathfinder, is practically a given,
-Stealth, was a nice surprise for me and helps keep him a bit safer from just being picked off but with the amount of things in this game that ignore it I'm finding it better to play as though he doesn't have the ability and keep him screened.  
-Side Step, now we're onto what makes him fun and opens up some fun vectors, it also means he can bob and weave about the combats taking down a few enemies (shame it only works on initials) before...
-Sprint, this is gravy really, after getting stuck in he can get back out, with his high SPD this can be enough to keep him safe. Of course in Circle we are spoiled in that we can hand out Sprint as an ability to anyone we wish to as long as we've brought the Warpwolf Stalker. But it's nice to have it built in so as to free up activation order and save a few fury.
-Elite Cadre, grants Hunter to Wolves, without a range attack it's situational but does allow charges through the forests. Handy, yes. Gamebreaking, no. 

Feat - Is a double barrel, it grants a 3" move to a friendly faction model if another friendly faction model makes a melee kill. Secondly it grants Stealth. Ok, so it's a tamed version of Shae's feat, requiring a trigger for the 3" move. While not as good offensivly the feat has a defensive side as well, amry wide stealth can be useful, though for me thus far it's saved a couple of Wolves from being shot and thats about it.Due to wording of the feat a model can't gain 3" from it's own attacks, so Grayle can't get even more movement out of it, probably a good thing, otherwise he'd be everywhere and stabbing everyone.

Weapons - A pair of low pow swords, they are made up for by having weapon master and are of course magical. They get the job done but are nothing to write home about. If only Grayle could somehow raise his STR...

Spells, the bread and butter of a Warlock.
-Awareness, a fairly situational spell so far for me, I've yet to field ranged beasties with him, and don't think we have the heavy hitting ranged that makes this spell shine in the filthy Menite forces. So have thus far not even cast it. Plus it's half his fury.
-Gallows, is a spell I find myself casting often. It opens up charge's to squisy centers that were protected by something large and imposing. It also helps to pull things in for the Warpwolves to have a snack on. Top spell, loved it on eKrueger and love it on Grayle.
-Storm Rager, is a sickening spell, Granting +2 MAT, STR and ARM to any warrior model is amazing in a faction of powerful solos. It makes Morriag MAT12 on the charge, 14 with flank up and if you want to be really insulting get Undergrowth onto the target to lower their DEF by 2 as well. Then giggle as the other guy cries BROKEN! Also an amazing spell on Grayle himself. Basically makes whatever it's cast on a whirlwind of destruction and gives them immunity to combined attacks. Taking away one of the answers to high DEF. Which in Circle we have in spades.
-Wind Blast, opponent likes using clouds? Laugh as you wipe them off the table to free up LOS for everyone! It also lowers any enemy's RAT thats standing in it, love it. This spell is also the main reason I think Awareness is situational at best.

Well, Grayle is the first 'lock we have that goes for combat turn after turn, he gets stuck in personally and does a good job at staying safe while doing so. He makes our Good solos even better, he negates casters who use lots of coulds to stay safe and good luck hiding behind a forest. All told Grayles coming for you, you're not getting away.

Plus I love it when 'locks can finish the game themselves. All told Grayle has rapidly become my number 2. Though thats an achivement, it'd take a lot to displace Krueger.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Grayle takes on Legion!

So, my 35pts Grayle list got a tweak from last game. Dropping the Wolves UA in favour of upgrading the Woldwarden to Megalith and I must say I'm not gonna look back. So far the list is looking like...

Grayle the Farstrider, Gorax, Feral Warpwolf, Megalith, Wolves of Orboros (max), Shifting Stones, Lord of the Feast and Wolf Lord Morraig.

A nice round 35pts thats gives me enough of everything plus two powerful solos to stick Storm Rager on. More of that later though, highlights from my game vs pLylith!

Above list vs pLylith, Angelius, Seraph, Reak, 2x Shredders, Striders w/UA, 2x Deathstalkers, Forsaken, 2x Shepard.

Turn 1, Circle. I got first. Most things ran forwards, Morraig, LotF and megalith all go and stand between the stones with the Feral slightly off to the left. The Wolves run into the only forest on my side which was far left and opposite some Striders. Storm Rager went on the Wolf Lord and Grayle dropped one fury. Fairly uneventful.
Turn 1, Legion. pLylith moves up after a slipstream and shoots one of my Shifting Stones. Casts parasite at it and then plinks it to death with shooting from the Striders who also manage to fell a few Wolves. Two of the Striders move in front of her.

Turn 2, Circle. LotF charges a Strider behind a wall, misses. I look forwad to a turn of failures. (how wrong I was!) Grayle goes next advances, casts gallows through the stealthed Striders at Lylith, hitting (I needed 11, so happy with my new dice) and doing 9 damage, which was transfered (1 of 2) and feats thankfully me forgetting to do this before LotF was negated by him missing. The wolves charge/run in killing two Striders one of them blocking off Lylith and getting Lylith in melee range, I triggered the moves on Morriag and Megalith putting Lylith in charge range for Morriag. I put up Megaliths Animus first (because MAT14 sometimes just isn't enough...) and charged a random strider who was out but got Lylith in Undergrowth. Morriag went in...Honestly Storm Rager on him is sick, the charge did a total of 20 damage (transfer 2 of 2) his mount bit the other strider that was blocking her to trigger a cleave into her again, and LotF moving 3" forwards to get her in melee with him too. I left her on 3 health. Curses! Feral and Megalith stodd very firmly in front of Grayle, knowing Legions disregard for stealth I was taking no chances.
Turn 2, Legion. A couple of transfers had damaged his beasties. He was forced onto the backfoot by two heavy hitting solos knocking on his door. Using the Reaks animus he moved back, feated and moved the Angelius up to munch on Morraig. He did, but only after a few dice failures and a Shredder coming in to finish the job. The Reak moved in and failed to kill LotF, Striders tried to shoot a few Wolves, Stealth saved two of them. All told a bad turn as he focused on the solos to the exclusion of all else. Might not have helped me constantly telling him "Morriags coming to get you". He killed 3 of the wolves with the Forsakens 'I'm a bomb' attack.

Turn 3, Circle. This is where Storm Rager went on Grayle and he got stuck in, charging the Shredder that killed Morriag, killing it and sidestepping into the Reak, killing it and then sprinting away. He really is fun. The Feral finished off the Forsaken and LotF (who miraculiously survived) finished off the Angelius who was heavily wounded from the 20 damage transfer. Some Wolves killed a couple more Striders. Honestly by this point it was game over, I'd overrun the centre and was sitting at full health with all my beasts.

Grayle! Oh what fun. He easily joins eKrueger and eKaya in my top 3 enjoyable Warlocks. Though I've still to find a good use for Awareness. I haven't even seen a time where this spell would be worth casting. Maybe if I mix it up with a few Woldwyrds...

Oh! I forgot to add, this is also my first post upon joining the IABN!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

2 Photos of Grayle...Because Apparently Grayle Likes 2's

Well, it's been 7 days since he was picked up, he's now tabletop ready. Which is basically what I aim for anyway. Next up are the Warpborn Skinwalkers.

Is a short post I know but not much has happened since last Monday. Been busy with work for the most part and even have to miss my gaming night to work tomorrow. I'm quite upset about that one. Aye well, Forest Mans cost money to buy (not that I need any, with the addition of Grayle I'm sitting on the whole range thus far) so work is a necessary evil.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

2 Games with Grayle...

So, after picking up Grayle Farstrider in Manchester I got his assembled and ready to go for mondays games at the club. New 'lock, syndrome should have dictated these games were catastrophic losses. It was not the case! New 'lock, new dice, new luck.

Game 1 saw me faced up against eDenny, Storm Ragered Lord of the Feast made short work of an entire unit of Croes Cutthroats before promptly missing the Gorax I'd teleported in on her feat turn with his raven thus failing to shift in. Crazily enough that same Gorax frenzied turn after and tore eDenny in half. Mighty amusing.

Game 2 was Strakhov, after an early feat (his first turn :/) I had a unit of Doom Reavers all up in my grill, thus keeping me from getting to the scoring zones. Grayle got stuck in to good effect and a game of dancing about ensued. I used my feat to position a unit of Wolves for the charge on Strakhov unfortunatly they didn't do quite enough damage and got trampled in turn. The Spriggan that did that ended in combat with my Woldwarden and stabbed it a couple of time. Strakhov goes and stands behind said Spriggan. Ok, big mistake right there. But he surrounded strakhov with Nyss. After getting the chain attack off on the Spriggan and slamming it over Strakhov a Feral came in to slam the Woldwarden out of the way for Grayle to charge a Nyss, sidestep off into Valachev (sp?, Khadors ranking officer) to stab him and sidestep into a KD strakhov to finish him off. I missed the first Nyss, What with backstrike and Strom Rager I only needed 5's. Curses. second attack finished the nyss so I sidestepped backwards and hit Strakhov with a Gallows. Intending to do some damage before the sprint away to safety. The damage was enough to kill him, oh yeah. The wolves got him earlier! Victory!

Two games, both good fun, but an epic struggle against Strakhov that I enjoyed immensly, as you can tell what with my epic rant there. I'm enjoying Grayle, hopefully by my next update I'll have a picture of him painted for y'all.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


So, thats it. Just got home from Manchester and the 35pts tournament there. A quick rundown of each game!

Game 1, Baldur vs eHaley. Lots of control each way, gun mages did a good bit of damage to druids but thats no bother, I was keeping him out of the control point quite nicely. Didn't actually get any control points as he held on with one Gun Mage which I missed with the attacks I threw his way. It's ok, I'm playing control, We can keep him off. It's at this point I learn we're playing these games at 45minutes (standard should be about 120=2d6) so I had to run the assassination or else it's just gonna end, tried, failed, time ran out. Most unsatisfying game.

Game 2, Kromac vs Baldur. I'm Kromac, with these games being a grand total of 45 minutes control wasn't going to work, I had to throw myself at it full on. So my scondary list (which was only an in case list anyway) was in order. I'd give you a list but it was irrelevant. After shifting a Stalker with stones up and it being out by a hair then loosing that under the onslaught of 2 Woldwardens and Megalith advancing up centre. I threw Kromac at Megalith in frustration. He died. Time was called shortly afterwards, We'd made bottom of turn 3.

Game 3, Kromac vs Ravyn. Ret player didn't leave deployment zone. I was forced to run over the entire board. I got to swing one missed. Time was called. I said game 1 was most unsatisfying, this one takes that biscuit.

45min games! Really? I don't think any of my games would have been over properly if I'd not thrown game 2 in such a daft manner. Playing these games over tables that had maybe 2 walls and 2 (very) small forests. I was practically forced to run headlong into death or glory. It was mostly death. Aye well, I bought Grayle and ate a to look at the bright side right?

Thursday, 20 October 2011

It's about to hit the fan.

Well, second post in and heres a quick selection of photos for my 35pts Baldur 'Rock of Orboros' theme force that I'm taking to Fanboy3 this weekend for the tournament there.

The list is...(if you can't tell from the pictures, although yes I know they are bad lol)
Baldur +6pts
Woldwatcher -5pts
Woldwarden -9pts
Megalith -11pts
Druids of Orboros w/Overseer -9pts
Shifting Stones -2pts
Sentry Stone -3pts
Blackclad Wayfarer -2pts

Not too bad looking, I have found to be quite nastily outnumbered when playing this, but the reason I'm going for it is the rediculious amount of advanced deployment. Everything bar Baldur and the Wayfarer are setting up at the 16" mark and the Sentry Stone is going right up to the 20". This is just deployment, Giving me a nice edge on the land grab scenarios. Anyway, a quick rundown on my choices for this one;

Baldur - my weakest Warlock by far. I don't know why but he's never clicked for me. So naturally I'm going to take him to a tournament right? Well yeah why not, he exerts a massive amount of control between his feat and rapid growth. He has nice defensive tech in solid ground and stone skin and his earthspikes spell is just icing, yes it's Fury3 for an AOE3 (which is a bit small by todays standards) but it ignores a good few common defensive buffs and being Fury3 means it can be happily geomancied.

Woldwatcher - much maligned as a light warbeast, it's only Fury2 so isnt very useful for it's high cost of 5pts, so how do I justify it? Well twofold, fertalizer on it's ranged attack and sheild guard. Meaning I can create more forests for Baldur to teleport to and keep him protected from big ranged threats.

The big Wolds - I doubt I have to justify them, it's all theme allows and they work well with the Stonecleaver. Between Geomancy, free charges and the ability to heal them Wolds and Baldur go together.The animi are just gravy, Megaliths is yet more control and Woldwardens give me a forest which I can drop at Baldurs feet. 

Druids - between countermagic and forcebolt these guys further my control theme, push people off objectives, feat and keep them off. Win. The Overseer is included to give them AD, a few immunities, a nasty ranged spell and most important an extra inch on counter magic.

Shifting Stones - teleporty goodness, do I need to say more? Ok between that, healing consructs and keeping fury down on them they make the list. They always make the list though. They are awesome.

Sentry Stone - christ, this one is a hard one to swallow, 3pts for something that can make a few forests now and again? Ok it works with Baldur as it gives a forest walk avenue, and his theme gives AD to beasts if I have one in. It makes the grade, I'm still not 100% sold on it mind.

Blackclad Wayfarer - Wolds are slow, Hunters Mark adds +2 to charges. +2 is always good so he usually makes all my lists, in this list though he's pulling double duty as an accurate spray. My anti infantry is quite low. Hell my anti armour is quite low...I'm not gonna be killing much it would seem.

Well, I've a list and a plan. Will it work? Only time will tell. I'm going in, with my weakest Warlock. What shall happen? Well, I'll likely crash and burn...till next time.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Beginning with Beginnings

Blogging, such a silly name for being a gobbey bugger over t'internet. Aye well, figured it was high time I got myself one of these things to stick down random thoughts and musings...

My subject of choice, the wonderful world of the Iron Kingdoms or to be more specific the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms. I've been playing Circle Orboros since Hordes release, which was around june/july of 2006 (basically near my birthday 5years ago). Back in the day when I was the only person with the models and I bought them because they were pretty, even though back in them days I never painted a thing.

Anyway, the story continues untill I got my friend Ed interested, he was one of my friends that played warhammer with me and it was a grand day when he picked up a Menoth battlebox. Hurrah! An opponent! Games! Well, it was just me and Ed, representing the world of WarmaHordes in the middle of a sea of Warhammer players.

This sad state continued for a good few years, just Ed and me playing our sad lonely game untill I was contacted through the Privateer Press forums by a guy who lived not too far away, enter Scott and an awesome friendship was born. There were more of us!

We'll not long after this point we'd also attracted more attention at the club. We've now a good healthy player base, I've got a game everyweek even if Ed doesn't show up. Life is going well.

And that is the story of how I started, it was a wall of text I know but I'm new to this blogging malarky and havent yet figured out the pictures. Hopefully next time I'll have some photos to stick up of my Circle Orboros thus far.