Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Isn't he the one with the salt?

Well, Mohsar had a spin out yesterday but the real star of the show was the Lord of the Feast. Is there nothing he can't get at?

I did start writing up a battlereport but somehow that got lost, so I'll leave it at this, between countermagic from some Druids, Mohsars feat and the LotF getting at Calaban turn 2 (thanks to some crafty force bolts on an Ironback Spitter to give me a nice raven target), I controled the game. Calaban coundn't fling his spells at me, he couldnt move off and his second turn he had no fury to play with and his two Wrastlers frenzied killing a pair of Wolves of Orboros making them next to useless. The game ended when I got a Warpwolf Stalker through a unit of Gatormen thanks to Curse of Shadows to finish off the job the LotF started.

All told I really liked Mohsar and am thinking of swapping the list up a bit to try him out with mostly Wold warbeasts, was going to look into his theme force but needing two units of druids puts me off massivly. I've never felt the need to own more than the one I have (and was surprised to find was fully painted when I got it out to play with, they've been half finished since...well forvever).


  1. I like him a lot too but I don't find him easy to use!

  2. I know, he's one tricky blighter and it doesn't take much to mess up with him. Last time I took him I ended up loosing horribly. When he works he's a gem, but it's so easy to get wrong lol.