Sunday, 23 October 2011


So, thats it. Just got home from Manchester and the 35pts tournament there. A quick rundown of each game!

Game 1, Baldur vs eHaley. Lots of control each way, gun mages did a good bit of damage to druids but thats no bother, I was keeping him out of the control point quite nicely. Didn't actually get any control points as he held on with one Gun Mage which I missed with the attacks I threw his way. It's ok, I'm playing control, We can keep him off. It's at this point I learn we're playing these games at 45minutes (standard should be about 120=2d6) so I had to run the assassination or else it's just gonna end, tried, failed, time ran out. Most unsatisfying game.

Game 2, Kromac vs Baldur. I'm Kromac, with these games being a grand total of 45 minutes control wasn't going to work, I had to throw myself at it full on. So my scondary list (which was only an in case list anyway) was in order. I'd give you a list but it was irrelevant. After shifting a Stalker with stones up and it being out by a hair then loosing that under the onslaught of 2 Woldwardens and Megalith advancing up centre. I threw Kromac at Megalith in frustration. He died. Time was called shortly afterwards, We'd made bottom of turn 3.

Game 3, Kromac vs Ravyn. Ret player didn't leave deployment zone. I was forced to run over the entire board. I got to swing one missed. Time was called. I said game 1 was most unsatisfying, this one takes that biscuit.

45min games! Really? I don't think any of my games would have been over properly if I'd not thrown game 2 in such a daft manner. Playing these games over tables that had maybe 2 walls and 2 (very) small forests. I was practically forced to run headlong into death or glory. It was mostly death. Aye well, I bought Grayle and ate a to look at the bright side right?


  1. Worth it for the pasty I'd say ^_^

    That sucks man, what made the guy decide to halve the standard turn times? Pretty harsh

  2. Hehe, yeah it was a Levi Roots pasty too. Well chuffed.

    He didn't halve the turn times, still standard 10 minutes. Was just the game times that got halved. I don't think any of the games made it past turn 3, getting into the second players turn 3 was rare too...