Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Crutch Free...

So I was reading a few posts on the Privateer forums about crutch free 2012. This seemed like an interesting idea, I thought about it a bit and decided I was on board. I couldn't really decide what I would consider a crutch in Circle though so I went into the sub-forum to see what the community thought and none of them could really decide either. Aside from fanning my faction superiority complex it gave me another idea.

I'm coming at this from the wrong direction.

There are very few models I use in every list, but there are a few I tend to shy away from. Those are; Kaya the Wildborne (who suffers a real lack of purpose), Reeves of Orboros (far too overcosted in my eyes), Tharn Ravagers (die easily and loose thier greatest strength if the target is non living), Reeve Hunter (mostly because mine always misses, on paper he's really good, but on the table that doesn't matter. I can knock the target down and he'll still bloody miss) and the War Wolves (who because I don't tend to take anything that triggers sic' 'em they loose a lot of the oomph that makes them look really appealing).

Now I couldn't just throw all this into one list, but thankfully steamroller allows for two. I decided on Kaya the Wildborne running theme force, to somewhat migate the fact that Reeves are overcosted by dropping them by 1pt and granting me a forest for doing so and the list practically screams to be filled with everything on my list aside from the Ravagers. The second list was going to be Grayle, but character restrictions being what they are and Kaya needing Morriag I've had to decided on a different 'lock to run the Ravagers. Now me being me I have to do something rash and foolhardy. I've taken what I keep reading as our weakest 'lock as one of my lists, it's time I support her by taking my second list as Cassius the Oathkeeper. Thats right. My best hope now is to not fail too badly.

So, without much further ado, my first take on my two lists that are gonna need (a great bloody deal of) practise and tweaking if I'm gonna take them to my next tournament.

1; Kaya the Wildborne, Feral Warpwolf, Gnarlhorn Satyr, Gorax, Warpwolf Stalker, Druid Wilder, Wolves of Orboros (max w/Chieftian and Standard), Reeves of Orboros (min), Reeve Hunter, Wolf Lord Morriag and 3x War Wolfs.

2; Cassius the Oathkeeper, Argus, Gorax, Feral Warpwolf, Woldwarden, Shifting Stones, Tharn Ravagers (min w/Chieftian) Wolves of Orboros (max), Druids of Orboros (w/Overseer) 2x Gallows Groves and a Tharn Ravager White Mane.

Wow, while coming up with my second list I realised I needed another source of Fury so trimmed a bit and got 4pts, then realised that an Argus is just that. Then realised that the Argus really needed to be on my list, cause I never even think about it when writing lists...it's in. This is gonna be a lot of fun I think.

Anyway, wall of text. I'll finish up by saying my game with my Cygnar was against my mate who just got back from Wales, so ended up being a piss take. The game ended when Haley decided that her spear wasn't just for looks and tried to run Shae through with it, instead of hanging back and letting her army finish him off as I'd destroyed practically everything else he had. It surprisingly enough didn't happen and she got murdered. Was good fun though. They always are with Ed.

Monday, 9 April 2012

A Gross Betrayal

I kinda feel bad, I've just taken some of my Circle minis out of my case to make room for Captian Haley and co. The main reason being that people at the club have started whining about Major Haley and how annoying she is. Well, she's good no doubt but annoying, the Captian has that one.

Still, I feel bad. I need a second case so I don't have to kick my Circle out when I fancy a more civilised game. Anyway, A short blog. Hopefully have a battlereport later. With my new fancy phone (in preperation for War Room) I should be able to get a few turn by turn pics...if I remember.