Wednesday, 14 December 2011

An Army of Banes

Well, I missed out my update last week what with work picking up near christmas I never made it down the club, so nothing happened. Painting has hit a standstill too. Though hopefully that'll pick back up soon enough as I've now got another Warlock to work on. Yep I've now picked up eBaldur so I've got the full selection once again.

Game on monday was a shocker. I took my standard eKrueger list and sat down to play. My opponent was cryx, and took a full unit of Bane Thralls w/UA, then a second full Bane Thralls plus UA (deep terror was welling up at this point btw), then a full unit of Bane Knights...then a second full Bane Knights (seriously? Who owns that many???) then the Bane Lord himself. Well if you hadn't guessed it was eGoreshade and theme. I was not happy. Somehow actually managed a win but I'm sure it was more a case of luck than judgement. Ramming a battlegroup straight at Goreshade and just powering through while my units tried to hold the Banes at bay on the flanks. Eventually managed to get a Primal'd Shadowhorn to leap over and give him a pummeling.

So, I mentioned I picked up eBaldur. I also got a few other things, namely books though so nothing very exciting. Picked up the Skorne and Legion forces books as well as Domination. I'll likely post up my Domination musings, which everyone and anyone will have done and ten times better than I could ever manage. But for the Wurm I'm doing it anyway!

Also, My friend Ed has been reading Domination, I got a text today which read 'Christ, I'm going to hate Grayle aren't I?'

Yes Ed, yes you are.

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