Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sup-p-per Troup-p-per

Mondays gaming was shifted to Tuesday thanks to boxing day, which is a good enough reason I suppose. Had two games, first was eKrueger vs Seige at 35pts and ended with seige being killed by lightning bolt. nothing exciting about the game aside from it being my first game against the Cygnar battle engine. Which did very little due to a plethora of immunity on my part ( the druids elemental protection being paramount for once).

The second game was something better though, my friend Ed was back and having left his models at uni borrowed my Privateers for the game. Shae vs Grayle. There was very little by the way of battle. lots of sea dogs came in very fast, they got butchered. My guys got butchered back a bit. In the end it came down to Shae vs Grayle. Grayle tried to get the first strike with some crafty side steps and storm rager on himself only to be stopped by tough, camped a few fury to try and stave off the counter. Shea put storm rager on himself and went to town pushing Grayle towards a freebooter which tried to hit him and missed. Grayle survived on 8 hits thanks to transfers. But all his beasts were down now. So after cutting for 6 fury Grayle went to town on Shae leaving him on 3 hits. Who then started wailing back on Grayle and finished the job off. All told a lot died, and the casters had an epic battle in the middle of all of this. Which I decided that I wasn't going to interfear with anyone else and Ed seemed to have agreed was the best idea for the laugh. 

Ed is now buying my Privateers from me, I'd grown bored of the one playstyle they have and we had one of our most enjoyable games in a long time. So he wanted them.

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