Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Weakest Link

So I have a few games under my belt with the Kaya the Wildborne Theme Force. The vast majority of the list works really well together. I have to say that even the Reeves were pulling their weight in it. Not only wiping out most of a unit of blighted legionaires but then also wiping out the entire Spawning Vessel crew the turn afterwards. Never mind the Sic 'em's they were triggering on my warwolves. It was glorious.

The weakest link was obviously Kaya herself. She just doesnt have a spell list that is worth using most of the time. Occulation was pointless against legion as they ignore stealth for the most part, spirit fang costs a lot but can be useful soothing song was the spell I mostly found myself using and spirit door seemed moot, all my beasts got shot to bits before they made combat. Admittedly I was against eVayl and she has a very appealing set of spells. I mostly felt like Kaya was shuffling her feet and looking sheepish. There were a few times I was looking at the board and thought to myself...if I had the Stormlord I could have won on scenario this turn.

Still, going to keep at it. She was my first Warlock and I'll be damned if I let her slip into oblivion.