Monday, 7 November 2011

Grayle takes on Legion!

So, my 35pts Grayle list got a tweak from last game. Dropping the Wolves UA in favour of upgrading the Woldwarden to Megalith and I must say I'm not gonna look back. So far the list is looking like...

Grayle the Farstrider, Gorax, Feral Warpwolf, Megalith, Wolves of Orboros (max), Shifting Stones, Lord of the Feast and Wolf Lord Morraig.

A nice round 35pts thats gives me enough of everything plus two powerful solos to stick Storm Rager on. More of that later though, highlights from my game vs pLylith!

Above list vs pLylith, Angelius, Seraph, Reak, 2x Shredders, Striders w/UA, 2x Deathstalkers, Forsaken, 2x Shepard.

Turn 1, Circle. I got first. Most things ran forwards, Morraig, LotF and megalith all go and stand between the stones with the Feral slightly off to the left. The Wolves run into the only forest on my side which was far left and opposite some Striders. Storm Rager went on the Wolf Lord and Grayle dropped one fury. Fairly uneventful.
Turn 1, Legion. pLylith moves up after a slipstream and shoots one of my Shifting Stones. Casts parasite at it and then plinks it to death with shooting from the Striders who also manage to fell a few Wolves. Two of the Striders move in front of her.

Turn 2, Circle. LotF charges a Strider behind a wall, misses. I look forwad to a turn of failures. (how wrong I was!) Grayle goes next advances, casts gallows through the stealthed Striders at Lylith, hitting (I needed 11, so happy with my new dice) and doing 9 damage, which was transfered (1 of 2) and feats thankfully me forgetting to do this before LotF was negated by him missing. The wolves charge/run in killing two Striders one of them blocking off Lylith and getting Lylith in melee range, I triggered the moves on Morriag and Megalith putting Lylith in charge range for Morriag. I put up Megaliths Animus first (because MAT14 sometimes just isn't enough...) and charged a random strider who was out but got Lylith in Undergrowth. Morriag went in...Honestly Storm Rager on him is sick, the charge did a total of 20 damage (transfer 2 of 2) his mount bit the other strider that was blocking her to trigger a cleave into her again, and LotF moving 3" forwards to get her in melee with him too. I left her on 3 health. Curses! Feral and Megalith stodd very firmly in front of Grayle, knowing Legions disregard for stealth I was taking no chances.
Turn 2, Legion. A couple of transfers had damaged his beasties. He was forced onto the backfoot by two heavy hitting solos knocking on his door. Using the Reaks animus he moved back, feated and moved the Angelius up to munch on Morraig. He did, but only after a few dice failures and a Shredder coming in to finish the job. The Reak moved in and failed to kill LotF, Striders tried to shoot a few Wolves, Stealth saved two of them. All told a bad turn as he focused on the solos to the exclusion of all else. Might not have helped me constantly telling him "Morriags coming to get you". He killed 3 of the wolves with the Forsakens 'I'm a bomb' attack.

Turn 3, Circle. This is where Storm Rager went on Grayle and he got stuck in, charging the Shredder that killed Morriag, killing it and sidestepping into the Reak, killing it and then sprinting away. He really is fun. The Feral finished off the Forsaken and LotF (who miraculiously survived) finished off the Angelius who was heavily wounded from the 20 damage transfer. Some Wolves killed a couple more Striders. Honestly by this point it was game over, I'd overrun the centre and was sitting at full health with all my beasts.

Grayle! Oh what fun. He easily joins eKrueger and eKaya in my top 3 enjoyable Warlocks. Though I've still to find a good use for Awareness. I haven't even seen a time where this spell would be worth casting. Maybe if I mix it up with a few Woldwyrds...

Oh! I forgot to add, this is also my first post upon joining the IABN!


  1. Great writeup! I came her via IABN in case you were wondering. Love the name of your blog!

  2. Enjoyable read! Thanks for posting this. I look forward to more "bat reps".