Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Beginning with Beginnings

Blogging, such a silly name for being a gobbey bugger over t'internet. Aye well, figured it was high time I got myself one of these things to stick down random thoughts and musings...

My subject of choice, the wonderful world of the Iron Kingdoms or to be more specific the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms. I've been playing Circle Orboros since Hordes release, which was around june/july of 2006 (basically near my birthday 5years ago). Back in the day when I was the only person with the models and I bought them because they were pretty, even though back in them days I never painted a thing.

Anyway, the story continues untill I got my friend Ed interested, he was one of my friends that played warhammer with me and it was a grand day when he picked up a Menoth battlebox. Hurrah! An opponent! Games! Well, it was just me and Ed, representing the world of WarmaHordes in the middle of a sea of Warhammer players.

This sad state continued for a good few years, just Ed and me playing our sad lonely game untill I was contacted through the Privateer Press forums by a guy who lived not too far away, enter Scott and an awesome friendship was born. There were more of us!

We'll not long after this point we'd also attracted more attention at the club. We've now a good healthy player base, I've got a game everyweek even if Ed doesn't show up. Life is going well.

And that is the story of how I started, it was a wall of text I know but I'm new to this blogging malarky and havent yet figured out the pictures. Hopefully next time I'll have some photos to stick up of my Circle Orboros thus far.

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