Thursday, 30 May 2013

Inventory Day

Right, probably not a super exciting blog but today I wanted to take stock of my Cygnar and just how far along I was with getting it all done. Easiest place is here, so here we go.

Warcasters (painted)

Warcasters (unpainted)

First thing that jumps out is right here, I really need to paint Stryker2 and Siege. I love those guys. Constance too but I need to buy a few bits to get a list for her working so is quite back burner.

Warjacks (painted)
Classic Charger
Classic Lancer
Classic Sentinal

Warjacks (unpainted)
Classic Lancer

Need to get Ol'Rowdy done, the second lancer is never going to be used so might see if that can get passed along to another home. The Hunter could use a duplicate and painting but I don't use them very often. The Firefly? I still havn't come up with a list where 2 more pow10's are worth 5pts.

Units (painted)
Gun Mages + UA
Long Gunners + UA
Stormblades + UA
Trencher Infantry + UA
Field Mechaniks

Units (unpainted)
Trencher Commandos
Black 13th

The Trencher Commandos are currently drying before I start again on them, the Stormguard are about half way there. The Stormblades are a duplicate for few punchy lists but more a gimmik and not needed. Black 13th I have no excuse.

Solos (painted)
Gun Mage Captian Adept
Journeyman Warcaster (male)
Stormsmith Stormcaller x3
Trencher Master Gunner
Captian Finn
Arlan Strangeways

Solos (unpainted)
Journeyman Warcaster (female)

HA! Maybe I should paint her? I tend to use the male one because he has earned himself a nickname and has a bit of a tabletop personality. But I do prefer the female model, it is less two dimentional.

Right, I didn't bother putting mercs on there. I wanted to focus on the Cygnar faction stuff. Looking at it after I finish up these units it is onto Stryker2 and Ol'Rowdy. Not much left to do really, so might start looking at filling gaps in my collection. aka, Storm Strider, Sword Knights and Runewood. Still money is getting tight at the moment and this is a secondary priority at best.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


I finished this a while ago but forgot to put up a completed shot, I feel my methods (read: cheats) don't really scale up as well as I had hoped. Still I am not dissapointed with him. The Stormpods are all done too and I'll get them up when I finish the Stormguard for Nemo. Not much else has really been happening though, I have made a good start on the Commandos and Stormguard but am not really rushing to get them finished.

At the moment games seem to be drying out a bit as the club I attend has started playing more Warhammer. I am currently teaching someone who wants to pick up Cryx but hasn't really decided on which Warcaster yet so is borrowing the Deneghra I own and using a few mercs to top it off till he settles. All in all life is slow here at Forest Mans.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Epic Tier 4 Engineer

So, I have very nearly gotten my hands on the Trencher Commandos to make my Haley2 Gravediggers theme force up. I have only really played this list over vassal and will be massively happy to get it on the tabletop.

This got me thinking about another theme force I love, a hark back to my days playing Krueger. This theme force belongs to Cygnars newest 'caster. Nemo3's Lightning War. As luck would have it I can also run this lis right up to Tier 4. Though I am not entirely happy with it, I'll show you why.

Nemo3 & Finch

Stormsmiths x 3
Journeyman Warcaster

Stormblades w/UA
Stormguard (Max)

Now obviously you can see the problems right? Too many troops, Nemo doesn't really support them all that well. Or you know, at all. The second big problem I can see is that I really want a stormstrider in there, that thing as some amazing firepower and would work well with Nemo. Problem is affording one at the moment. Though I have only had a few games with Nemo I find him enjoyable if not super powerful. Which is exactly what I want at the moment.

The List I want to try looks a little something like this:

Nemo3 & Finch


Stormsmiths x 3

Stormsmith Stormtower
Stormguard (Max)

This version really takes the lightning theme right up to 11. Usually I would tell people not to build towards the feat but I have done exactly that here. Not that the weapons I want to take are anything less than destructive on the non-feat turns. 

Anyway enough list discussion, onto tomorrows challange. Taking the lightning theme for a spin I have decided to put my stormguard on the painting list. I also have Nemo3 and Finch to paint. None of these are bare metal but the stormguard are blue with the halbards painted a bit. Nemo is like 90% done and Finch is blue with her face painted a flesh tone. So it wouldn't be overwhelming but thats 12 minis to get finished for tomorrow and I have a sports day to attend so am not going to set this one as a time challange.  

Also another note I just got all the Forest Mans photos downloaded to my phone and realised that I haven't put a completed shot of Stormwall. So I'll try get that up tomorrow too.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Job Done - Gorax Repose

Managed to get this far in the time I set myself in this challange, I am fairly happy with the results the pose is not exactly what I was wanting but to have the arms any lower than that would have required rebuilding most of the biceps too and I really didn't want to be doing that. I decided on a fleshy torso as opposed to building up a shadowhorn style belt, mostly because I felt that flesh would be easier.

Hug a Gorax! Managed to find time to paint him up too. This was outside the time I set, but only took a short time due to the limited colour pallet used. Now it is painted most of the sculpting work on him has blended in nicely.

The Gorax from behind, as you can see I took pains remove or cover all the ropes that bound him down.

Anyway I didn't quite make time with this challange but am quite happy with the results. My Gorax is nice and unique and no longer an utterly ridiculious pose. I am also more happy with the paint job this time round.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Half way, Gorax repose.

Right I seem to have forgotten that life hits me even on my free days. Yesterday we were host to a 7th birthday party for the little one and the clean up has fallen to me today. Putting me two hours behind. No bother really, I still have time. I have finished the main pose off, he just needs to cure before I stick both halfs together and then work a bit more on the details.

I started with the legs as I like to work ground up, chopped the left hip up to swing the leg forward slightly. I then chopped into the ankles to change the feet so they lay flat. When that was about right I got it stuck back together, using a pin on the hip joint and filling in gaps I had made with greenstuff. 

The basic idea with the upper body, I had forgotten that the right arm was glued on and was pleasently surprised when it snapped off during sawing. Both arms were removed and then using a paperclip I got them roughly where I wanted and started filling in with greenstuff. The right side is built up a bit better and I am waiting for it to cure a bit before I start building up the left side and coving over the fur a bit. I have chopped off all the ropes around his waist and plan on filling over his back to cover the one going down that. The collar was chopped up a bit so it doesnt really attach to anything anymore. He shall be FREE!

A rough idea what I am going for, the waist needs rebuilding a bit and currently I am unsure how to do this. Do I want flesh or an armour belt like the Shadowhorn Satyr has? Not really planned anything here but shall see how things turn out.

The project is fairly behind schedule now and is likely to get worse, tomorrows tasks are looking like they might have to go on hold thanks to an appointment I forgot about.

In other news I am teaching a new friend the game, he is looking into Cryx so thats what I am doing this afternoon.

And finally, thanks for reading. A bit of a rushed blog I know so forgive that please.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Design Brief - Gorax

So, spurred on by my recent success in reposing the woldwarden I wanted another project to sink my teeth into. Well, you guys remember my post about the lot of the Gorax? In it I said how I loved the rules but hated the sculpt (see where this is going?) and as a result he got a lot of stick from me. Yesterday, I was flicking through NQ47 which I just got hold of and there was a beautiful looking bit of art for the Gorax (page 54) and I had my new project.

A plan is forming, I have the goal in mind. I just need a list of things that will need changing.

1, Loose the bloody rock. Seriously that thing is the most ridiculious part of the whole model.

2, Stand the Gorax up straighter (same problem I had with the Woldwarden actually) and maybe give the legs a bit more of a natural looking standing. As they are they are side by side, they will likely need to be a bit staggered to look right.

3, Put the arms down...ok this is a contender for the most ridiculious part of the model. The arms need to be out to the sides, but will also need bending at the elbows a little to look more natural.

4, He needs a facelift though I am not entirely sure how I am going to manage that. I can see me just taking a cutting disk to his lower jaw and obliterating the most of it and then try lengthen it and make him look more....raaaawr! Which roughly translates into I am totally going to wing this part and hope to the Wurm I don't make him more ugly than he is now. 

5, Repaint! After all this work he is going to need it.

Ok, Now I have the goal and the things I need to do to achieve it are (sort of) planned out. This is where the fun part comes in. I have a time limit, self imposed it may be but a limit none the less. As I have to balance this around working and my family, I have set the time limit at 2 days to rebuild and repaint the Gorax. With half the first day already given over to my weekly trip to the game club. My goal is to have the Gorax chopped up and stuck back together by 2pm Monday. Giving it the night to cure enough ready for painting the Tuesday when I have from whatever time I get up untill 1pm to get that finished as that is when my better half gets home and I wanted to spend the afternoon with her.  

Anyway, thanks for reading. Wish me luck.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Quick job

Right, so yesterday I set myself the challange of getting the Woldwarden I had converted painted before dinnertime today. I managed it, easily. I took a break to make a sausage and egg sandwich and a second break to have a mess about on the Playstation. Which ended up bein over an hour. Yet here I am at 12noon and my work is complete.

Check it. I may have to start coming up with even more insane challanges for myself. The paintwork took just over an hour and a half, coupled with the repose taking just over an hour I am going to say this took about 3 hours work.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Reposing of the Woldwarden

So, I had Woldwarden number 3 sitting in his box for going on 5 months, waiting a repose to make him unique and this morning I decided to crack him out and get on with the job. Now I really think the Woldwarden has a goofy pose, the second one I put together I put a santa hat on to make it a little more tongue in cheek. Still that didn't take away from the fact that he leans far too far forwards and those arms...what is he actually doing?

 He is being my, what is behind door number 1 girl! This is this morning, I poured the box out and got the old one to set against and use as a guide of sorts. My two main goals were this, stand him up straighter and sort out that right arm.

Now I got really into my work and forgot to take WIP shots, I did finish it in about an hour so can you forgive me?

Anyway, I started by straightening the left leg and sticking it to the base. I use activator to make it all quicker, I then sawed off the peg on the right foot so it can sit flat. Now these didn't alight properly but thats alright because greenstuff is a wonderous substance. I put a small amount on to help fill it while I glued the legs together.

This was far more upright but still putting the body on flat would have had him leaning forwards. So I tilted him back a bit on his hips and rammed greenstuff into his bowls. After a bit of shaping it looks like it is supposed to be there and he looks like he is standing proud. Score!

Second problem, the silly arm. I simply sawed it off at the joint, drilled holes into it, put a paperclip into it and span it around. Oh and a bit of greenstuff to fill in the gap that appeared.

Anyway, all told just over an hour. I got a new Woldwarden I am happy to put on the table.

A side by side, the old clearly drawing attention to the new superior pose. I call him wold 2.0 and I have untill midday tomorrow to get a paintjob on him. After that I am back to work again and don't know when I'll next have the time and drive to pick up my brush. I think I can do it.