Monday, 23 January 2012

Celestial Fulcrum, Blog 4.

Well, I got it on the table today. I was quite pleased with it, but first off...

I got hold of some gloss varnish and got busy. The only job left to get the thing done and dusted would be the runes, but that is one ballache (hehe, I made a funny) of a job.

Ok, today I was running:

eKrueger, Woldguardian, Woldwarden, Megalith, Druids w/Overseer, Shifting Stones w/Stonekeeper, Woldstalkers and the Celestial Fulcrum.

First off was against eNemo and a very lightning immune list. All told not very dramatic game, I trashed thunderhead in my first turn by fishing it forwards and wailing on it with a woldguardian. Seriously this guy has been working wonders as my beatstick. The fulcrum took to a hill (before I realised battle engines don't get elevation defence against ranged attacks and that it didn't matter as all his ranged attacks were electrical anyway) and blasted some stormguard to bits. Nemo ended up get Gallows'd out and beaten to death by megalith. Not very exciting game but a nice intro for the fulcrum.

The second game was against Khador, eSorcha to be more accurate. With a list that to me reads like a greatest hits. 2 Spriggans, full winterguard w/2 rockets, full nyss hunters w/valachev, great bears, eEyriss, kovnik joe and finally aiyana and holt.

We played a scenario that involved holding an area in the opponents half while our caster was in one of the zones, apparently we needed 3 points to win so I took that to mean no scenario was being used. I got second turn, which apparently means that these days I get a 3" deployment advantage as he was deployed at 7".

So, I predeployed my Fulcrum to shuffle up and blast any fools coming for my zone, I wasn't gonna give the game away. The his nyss took my left, winterguard right, with great bears following up the nyss and joe following the winterguard. Spriggans were very central with sorcha and aiyana and holt keeping her company. Eyriss went out on my far left. I stuck my battlegroup all together over near the nyss and just to the left of my fulcrum, woldstalkers took the right hand side of it and the druids AD'd in front with the shifters in front of the battlegroup.

Standard first turns, fair bit of running involved. Ironflesh went on the Winterguard who also got tough and fearless, sorcha went and stood behind a wall where she cowered all game. I did the same, lot of running, the druids made some clouds and such and the fulcrum used flame blast to help them out in that job dropping a cloud into no mans land. Krueger put up Stormwall and did a bit of micromanaging with telekenisis. Getting all 3 heavies into my shifting triangle.
Turn 2 saw the first casualties. I lost most of my woldstalkers to crazy all boosty sprays along with a few druids, I always underestimate that range, oh well. spriggans moved up and were afraid to shoot any grenades off thanks to stormwall threatening to both make them range 5 and deviate onto his troops. The nyss did a few CRA's but did nothing overly offensive, again, thanks to stormwall. Iron flesh then went over onto the nyss...def18 is just wrong. Oh well we can work around that. My go, druids are up, they pull one of the spriggans into contact with 2 winterguard and try and kill a few other winterguard with forcebolts, I forget if they did well or not, Fulcrum next who popped a flameblast into said spriggan, doing a bit of damage and burning the 2 winterguard, the a compleatly innefectual spray followed by lightning killing a few more winterguard. The surviving stoneward charged another winterguard and cracked his head open. Megalith put up undergrowth and trampled through a few nyss, killing none as was expected but he was in place, he then tried a gallows at one of the greatbears did 4 damage and pulled him closer...uh oh, thats not where you want a great bear. The stones ported the guardian over to valachev who got smushed and the beatback put me in range of another nyss who shockingly also got smushed. the Warden wandered over and geomancied a lightning storm into two nyss faces at point blank. Krueger wandered up, Stormwall went up again and a lightning storm into Megaliths back ended 2 more nyss. It was also Feat time, Giving the opponent a headache.
Turn 3, I lost the fulcrum to some winterguard. It was a sad time. The rest was a few moves, the greatbears took a chunk out of the guardian, but it was the first time I've ever seen them not kill something, so I was impressed. the Nyss took a small CRA at Krueger who laughed it off. Cyleena, was out of range thanks to stormwall. The spriggans moved up to threaten next turn. All told not very productive, I think this was going to be his big charge turn but my feat put an end to that one. Still, I was in a bad spot, I'd killed a lot of troops but I had started to overextend. That and Sorcha sitting on a feat and 2 Spriggans tends to hurt, so when my turn came round I decided...Balls to the Wall. Megalith trampled up, geomancy to get Sorcha out from behind her damn wall. Missed, oh no, second shot was the Warden, who got ported over by the shifters and gallows'd her out, the guardian went after a few great bears to have his vengance and even missing his spirit managed to bag two of them. Krueger went in, Lightning Bolt hit with a boost, sustained attack for 3 boosted pow12's. Game over. Balls to the Wall is how Krueger rolls.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Celestial Fulcrum, Blog 3.

Well, a tad behind schedule on this thing but I've been getting busy all the same, at least by my usual rate.

The bottom half of the Fulcrum is now very nearly done. Druids and base all nicely painted aside from a few touch ups. But I don't really have time to do those before posting, is inventory day at work so I've been called in :(

This picture shows the touch ups that need doing, namely the runes overran right onto the main vest part of each Druid. It might not have help that I was shaking quite a bit while attempting it. But something new, the gemstone on his chest was the first one I have ever actually attempted. Usually I just paint it to match the rest of whatever is around it and do it as mostly a bulge on whatever it's attached to. But this is my Fulcrum, it's time to try. I bust out NQ36 and read the article in there on how to do it (something I've also never done before, follow a help guide) I think it worked out really well. I'm amazingly chuffed. I just need a bit of gloss varnish apparently to keep that shine going.

All told, touch up the runes overbleed and give the Druids eyes and Thats this half of the Fulcrum done. Onto the Thingamajig.

Also, tomorrow is gaming day, so I'm taking this thing out for a spin finished or not. Expect a battle report.

Thats all for now, Toodles.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Celestial Fulcrum, Blog 2.

Well, got the Fulcrum assembled and ready for the painting stages. It's currently in two pieces. The base with the druids attached and the main part of the thing. 

Nice and easy for the next stage, which is painting. All told the thing has gone together very nicely. The pock marks were easily covered with the greenstuff and one of the druids needed a bit more under him to attach him properly to his rock. Like a boob I didn't take photos of those parts mind. 

Due to odd angling of this photo it looks a bit freaky. But it shows my point. Thats held there not by glue but just by slotting in, a beautiful thing as it allows me a full model for gaming while I try and motivate myself to get it painted. That said I am doing this blog tracking my progress, maybe that might be enough. 

Anyway, So far I've been enjoying this kit. Really can't wait for Monday to roll around and I can put this thing on a gaming table.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Celestial Fulcrum, Blog 1.

Ok, so I managed to obtain a rather desired item yesterday. After work I nipped down the club to speak to a friend, lo and behold there was a Celestial Fulcrum awaiting me. Well I nipped it home lickedy split and sent a few texts around in a boastful manner. One of them came back with 'get blogging' (this is the abridged version). So this morning I cracked open the box and started having a look over the contents. All told I'm a happy bunny but the 'get blogging' text also expressed an interest in the quality of the resins. So I took a few photos to whack up here.  

 The First one is the base, a nice piece but it has a few pock marks in it, presumably where air pockets formed during casting, not too much effort to sort out. A quick smooth over with a tiny bit of greenstuff will get rid of that issue without a headache. At least thats the plan...

A massive amout of flash on the...thingamajig might be a pain to remove. 

Now I'm just getting picky. This will be no issue at all. Still, figured I'd whack it up. 

And no set of photos would be complete without the group shot.

Well, onto cleaning up and putting it together as much as I can without blocking painting areas, it's handily all marked out as to what goes where, A to A, 2 to 2 etc. Plus my main worry of it being a fragile piece of £$%* appear to be unfounded at first glance as the...thingamajigs are made from resin so not overly heavy. Plus the join areas seem quite wide. Now if only I could remember where my pinning drill has gone...

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Thornfall Alliance!

Well, I've been a we bit busy away from my Circle, working on a super secret (well, not at all) project that is the Thornfall Alliance. Which I started collecting as minions to wrk for my Circle anyway. Figured I'd whack up my Warlocks and yes Rorch counts too, for peeps to see.

A quick note on my painting, I only paint for tabletop quality. I never have a great deal of time to commit to a single figure and have never been the best painter out there. so long as it looks pretty at arms length I'm happy with it.
The second point is one that has had some of my gaming group gasping in horror, I never prime my models. each of these models has the colours painted straight onto the bare metal. Why? Well honestly I don't know, I used to do it. But rainey weather gave me pause one day and then I just havent done it since. Call it a casualty of Yorkshire weather.
My 3rd point, I never base my models. Once I've finished the paint job on the model I put a quick lick of black over the base to get rid of overrun and maybe paint on the facing markings. I've always maintained that the base is the part of the model that counts and I've never wanted that part of the mini cluttered. Really though I'm sure it's just because I'm lazy.

Aaaaaand after putting this photo up I've noticed that I haven't done Arkadius rest for the wicked.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

eKaya, a win and a loss.

Got to the club last night, which was nice as work seem to be dragging me in mondays at the moment. Managed to get two games going, one against Blindwater @50pts and one against Shae running A Pirates Life @35. In both I ran eKaya.

The Gator game was amusing, I fished one of his Wrastlers forwards with some Druids getting it in charge range of the Warpwolf Stalker which promptly got Forced Evolution and went hell for leather. Killing the heavy for the low low cost of one fury. Which meant it got sprint and pulled back. Next turn Laris snuck through and got a charge at a backfield Wrongeye failed to kill so kaya Spirit Shifted in and finished the job, removing Snapjaw without a single attack directed at him. This was also feat turn so a couple of warpwolves came with her. Unfortunatly the Stalker didn't live up to the turn before and failed to kill the second Wrastler by missing all but one of his attacks, out of 6 attacks needing 6's to hit you'd expect more really wouldn't you? Aye well, is probably what I get for removing snapjaw with such ease. Seeing there was no running Barnabas went at this unexpected threat like you'd expect and took down the Stalker. Unfortunatly the Feral was still standing as well as Kaya herself and Laris just for good measure. Made a good photo though, so took a quick snap on the phone.   

Obviously Barnabas went down. The good news is the Gatormen Posse's at the other side of the board were steamrolling over my small Farrow contingent, which I had taken for that exact purpose. I love it when a plan comes together.

The game against Shae was my good friend Ed, who was going back to uni so would be our last game for a while, I ran theme force up to tier4 with eKaya. everyone was engaged from turn two as both of our lists were fast striking. it got a bit hectic, I tired a trample through to Hawk and Killingsworth but then realised I'd forgotten to activate Kaya first and he was out of control. Handed him a feral for the cost of 3 Pressgangers. Foolish. It went downhill from there and ended up with Kaya literally surrounded by pirates all beating the hell out of her. I took another photo of that but my phone decided it didn't like that idea and never saved it. I hate blackberrys by the way, can not wait for this contract to run out. Either way the game against Ed was a blast, neither of us taking things too seriously. All told a good game for him to get back to uni on.

Kaya's theme force has a good few perks though, this was the first time I've run it. As I usually don't bother with theme as theres always something nice I want thats not included. Has made me think about the theme forces a lot in general...hmmm, maybe another post idea right there. Might also try and get a halfway decent picture of Rorch up as I managed to drag myself away from Skyrim long enough to at least paint something.