Saturday, 12 October 2013

Eyesight to the Blind

So, inspired by a comment on my last post I decided to put my 3 easy steps to painting eyes on here. Like all my painting it is a very simple process, but quick and comes up with some pretty decent results.

So, starting out. Finish everything else first. I once did the eyes before the wash on the skin and, well Rockbottom got redeye.

Step 1, paint black on. This doesn't want to be just in the actual eye, around it slightly too
 as this gives it some definition. Don't go mad though, otherwise you get a panda.

Step 2, Put the white in. This does want to be just in the eye. Leaving just a bit of black around the edge. If you go over don't sweat. Touching up is easy.

This next part is honestly the part that I see most people do wrong and end up with crazy boggle eyes. Don't paint the pupils as dots. Just don't. First off you will never get them to be looking in the same direction and secondly, it doesn't even look natural even should you manage it. Instead paint a line, from the top bit of black right down to the bottom. It is easier to get them in the right place and it looks more natural.

Now I don't claim to be an expert and doing something like this is pretty odd for me as a pretty slapdash painter. But hopefully it'll help at least one person out there.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Ghetorix painted

Ghetorix is ready for the table! The Totem Hunter is also nearly done, as I was putting paint on him between drying on Ghetorix. Would be nice to have them both finished for Monday gaming as I threw together a list with them both in as a slight bit of motivation.

In other news I now have myself an airbrush, going to start playing with that soon but need some paint thinner before I can start.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Work plan

Right, trying to get back into painting a bit more at the moment. I am not going to place any deadlines on myself because it is now under 2 weeks till the due date of my little baby girl. So everything can be thrown out the window in a moments notice.

Anyway, 5 painting goals I would like to achieve

1, Ghetorix
2, Totem Hunter
3, Wolves of Orboros
4, Tharn Ravagers
5, Dahlia and Skareth (sp?)

These are all pieces long neglected (aside from Ghetorix, but he needs paint. Being as awesome as he is) and generally get used occationally but tend to make up fewer lists than other models so constantly get pushed back on the painting list. I'm putting them on top. Lets get them done.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Krueger2 vs Sorcha2

Finally got out of the house! Got a game against our local Khadorian, I took

Krueger2, Gorax, Feral and Stalker. Druids w/UA, Woldstalkers, 2x Shifting Stones w/1 UA, a Wayfarer and 2 Gallows Groves. Alongside all this I also put my Celestial Fulcrum on the field.


Sorcha2, Beast09 and Conquest. Assault Kommandos (min) w/2xWA, Mortar Crew, Mechaniks (max), Aiyana and Holt, a Koldun Lord and a Manhunter.

(Now I am writing this I noticed his list is a whopping 5pts shy, after sending him a message he informs me his Kommandos were supposed to be a max unit and he was supposed to also have a Field Gun in there. In case you cared)

Anyway, the game

The scenario was Chemical reaction. Standard set ups, I had placed the Fulcrum on the right to contest his zone with some stones but his Conquest got set opposite. So plans ended up changing.

We both ran up, the Druids did all their tricks Stalker and Feral warped Prowl and +2 ARM respectively. Krueger put up Stormwall.

The other side also ran, Sorcha put Iron Flesh on the Kommandos.

I decided to pull Beast09 in, so the druids went and got him nice and close. The Fulcrum moved over to soften him up a bit. (and not run away from conquest...honest) It managed to knock off 10 damage meaning the Feral could finish him off nice and easy. The stones toe'd in the far zone and mocked the Conquest as he was the only piece in range to do anything. Yet would have been a massive waste if he did.

Khador's response was brutal, the Kommandos rolled like champs and started clearing druids. 9's to hit I thought they might not be too much of a threat. They killed a few Druids anyway. The Manhunter came charging out and killed the stone UA on the left. The Conquest shot a few more Druids to bits...bit harsh.

Krueger moved up to force the Khadorians out of the left zone and dominate it for a control point. I was looking to force myself at Sorcha as control points were not gonna win this for me. The Conquest was never going to set himself up to be taken out and the mechaniks would prevent a piecemeal approach. Krueger feated to try and lock them down a bit for my big rush and the blackclad got shot over and tied everyone up to cause some more headaches.

Sorcha Feated, her quad iron blew my feral off the table. Conquest was now truely part of this game and blew some holes in my troops again. I was looking slim.

Yet had everything I needed, the Woldstalkers used Zepher and shot the Kommando in the way. The Gallows Grove shifted into range, Krueger cast telekensis on the Stalker and then arc'd telekensis at Sorscha, boosted and missed. I then tried again but couldn't afford the boost. I was too fury starved. thankfully this connected and sorcha suddenly found herself facing her deployment zone. I then shot a Kommando with his gun. Just because. So, Stalker has range, a target facing away and is now all primaled up. 

End result was a win. I was pretty happy about it till I started typing this and realised he was 5pts down. When deploying I made a comment on how his list looked a bit small, he then put Beast09 on the table...oh well. I have told him and arranged a rematch.