Monday, 28 January 2013

Stormblade Banner

So, today I have finally sat down to sort a massive problem, the Stormblades banner. Seriously the officer is a beautiful mini, I would have been happy with him as a solo the only UA's better looking are the Tharn ones. The banner though, why? The banner is top heavy, meaning he is prone to falling over and the Stormglaive he weilds actually goes lower than the bottom of his base. Maybe I stuck it on badly but every time I tried to reattach it I have had the same problem. So, I got busy.

I stuck a couple of 2p's under his base, used a small blob of greenstuff to level it out so they sat nicely underneath him. This solved both the problems of him being top heavy and means his Stormglaive is no longer embedded in the floor.

I put a small ring of greenstuff around the coins to make it a little less obvious, it's not massivly neat but I am hoping it blends better when painted over black. It should do, if I'm honest paint covers a lot of sins.

You know, like this one. The join on the banner itself is horrible. I have put a few more folds into the banner which cross over the pole as it only really joins on the one side this shall hopefully hold it on a lot better.

Anyway, I am putting the Nemo list on the table tonight. Gonna have a blast with this one I think. There should hopefully be a battle report but I can't really promise. I tend to get easily distracted by the next new shiney.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Painting mans

So, having got my phone back from Samsung I have a camera again. I also have a day off work. So here's the latest batch of minis painted to the highest quality standard...ok I can't say that with a straight face. Here we go.

Longgunners, you have no idea how long I have put these guys off. Kara is in there too and yes, that is Thunderhead in the background. He's getting done between eEyriss and Arlan Strangeways as the next up to bat.

Close up of Kara, she ended up looking like an over zealous drag queen. But you know, fits the fluff I suppose?

These next two are of Cryx, now no I havent turned over to them. These minis are not mine, I haven't painted them and don't really intend to play them. (never tell her this though, she painted them for me...) My other half is much better with a brush then me.

Now if only I was good enough with lighting and such when taking pictures to make these look as good as they do. She has gotten through the Cryx battlebox and Asphyxious. Not sure what she wants to do next but I have her leafing through the Forces of Cryx book to pick something.

And Finally, a bit of commision work done. I cleaned, assembled and filled. She painted.

Not sure what it actually is, it is from the Banebeasts range. We called him Frank. (Also, again super glare in the background. Really means you can't see the highlights on his scales. I need photo lessons o_O)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Quick Tinkerings

So, deadline is coming up and the lists still are not set. I mean ok I did pick up a new Warcaster and decide she was the one I was taking, Probably not the wisest idea.

This week I was snowed in, I could have made it to the club but not sure if anyone else would have so stayed in and played over vassal. The list was nearly the same but I had subbed out the B13th and Rangers for a unit of Gun Mages and used the spare point to up Pendrake to a Journeyman (best thing I did). The list performed a lot smoother aside from a few points. Namely the Avenger.

The list is working mostly by the Journeyman shielding Boomhowler who then runs up and jams the other line, keeping them away. Seriously, running if I can't get the charge. Most things that can drop a boomie grunt even at ARM19 with that charge. Running at them to take that away can make all the difference. When any gaps appear the Longgunners, Kara and her battlegroup open up and fill the gap full of bullets. The problem lies mostly with the AOE KD. I managed to knock down a couple of boomie grunts with the damn thing. It did make up for it by charging through and applying the Stun Blade into a Vanquishers face. So I am unsure about it, the gun is nice but doesn't really work with how I want to run the list. Having said that he is a ranged 'jack so I get good use out of him when a gap opens up thats big enough, the main reason is that he also has a big sword. Which means I have back up melee capabilitys.

More practise, I think the Gun Mages and Journeyman are a good swap over Rangers, B13th and Pendrake. The comment on a previous post by Whitestar333 was quite close to the original list plan and I must say has been spot on.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

41pts of Electrified Steel

So I posted earlier today making this a massive treat for everybody! I said about how I couldn't pick a 'caster for my second list. Well I remembered the conversation I had with Ed (my Menite friend) and how he thought I would have bought Nemo3 instead of Sloan, seeing as I love the old guy. Well I replied that I hadn't played Nemo in ages but thats gonna change. eNemo is bringing the Steel.

Ok, bit of a mad list.

eNemo +6pts
Squire -2pts
Stormclad -10pts
Thunderhead -12pts
Stormwall +19pts

Stormblades (w/UA) -8pts

Arlan Strangeways -2pts
Stormsmith Stormcallers (x3) -3pts

It's a lot of points in warjacks for me, I usually take 2-3 but that has never been alongside the Stormwall. I figured I wanted it in a list for this event (it'll be Stormwalls first tournament) why not take him alongside Nemo. Hopefully I have thrown something together that will work, Nemo can be focus 8 on 3 turns and with the Stormblades giving the Stormclad 1 a turn for free and Arlan powerboosting anything that may need it I think focus should be fairly easy to play about with, that is compleatly discounting Nemo's feat turn.

Each 'jack covers the others:
Stormclad is as always the king of Melee, between Lightning Shroud and Energiser he should be hitting first and dropping something important. He can struggle with a mass of infantry but hey, thats why we have...
Thunderhead is there purely and simply to wipe troops off the board. Energiser gets him in range for his pulse. Arlan has his Evasive Action spell to help him slip out of melee and fry the offenders and I dont have to worry about frying my own guys because everything else is immune. Aside from the Squire.
Stormwall is rounding this out with a pair of cannons, covering fire templates and Lightning Pod's. With eNemos elite cadre there is very little that will be safe from eletrical death.

This is all good and well on paper. I have used the stormclad/thunderhead battlegroup before, swapping out the 3rd heavy for whatever took a passing interest. I honestly have little idea how the list will fare. It is quite low on the model count, so holding onto anything will be difficult. I may get this list onto the table soon, try and work it out a bit. Nowhere near enough time till the 10th of Febuary to work 2 entirely new lists up to scratch for this event. But at least it's something new for me. 2013 is starting off quite interestingly. 

Sloan, a new direction

So I have picked up yet another 'caster, this time Kara Sloan. I have never seen her figure in person, not once at any tournement, nobody in the local group has her (though to be fair we dont actually have many dedicated Cygnarians) and I have never seen her used on Vassal. So, must be a great 'caster right? SOLD!

I played one game against my Menite friend, he used Vindictus and for once I helped him with his list, he usually just throws it all together. In the end the list gave me fits (so I did something right?) and Zealots got right up into my grill by abusing True Path and their mini feat (which name alludes me, but makes them pretty much invincible) and threw bombs at the longgunners and managed to get a crit on Kara herself setting her on fire. Gonna be honest though, Ryan of the Black 13th made them pay for that insult dropping about 6 of them in a single magestorm. Range 5 bombs made them bunch up to try peg Kara. In the end Kara hit a bare Vindictus with Spitfire, an Avenger missed but hit him with blast and boosted that for a few points and then finally the Defender boosted the shot, hit. Boosted the damage and failed to finish the deal. I am getting a bit cross with that 'jack. I'm sure it has a quirk in it's cortex. Well I threw up a hasty screen with Boomhowler totally forgetting the 2 Errants and Errant solo who hadn't been compleatly finished off in the Forest behind her...yeah. Ouchies.

Anyway the list I am using hopefully for a while, (tournament 10th Feb).

Kara Sloan

Black 13th
Longgunners (max w/UA)
Boomhowler & Co (max)

Gorman di Wulfe

It might get a few tweaks. Pendrake is a bit iffy in there and was only added bcause I have finished painting him recently. I may slip in Stormwall, I only want it in one of my lists but I am still not sure on the other one yet. I havent even picked a 'caster for the second list.

Anyway, I have a painted Pendrake and am working my way through one of my oldest Cygnarian units. The Longgunners are finally getting paint. I am waiting for my phone repairing as thats the camera I usually use for the photos on here. Which is why they are always bad...yeah, thats it. The cameras fault.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

A bit of a let down

Well I took a bunch of photos to do a turn by turn battle report for my games with eMagnus. Unfortunatly my phone has had to go back to Samsung for repairs so that went out the window.

All told the games did not go well, luck just decided to abandon me completely and the game ended with pFeora sitting on 2hps left. In my second turn a Defender missed a 7+ to hit on 3d6 which would have been more than enough. Magnus also had to roll the same on his last damage roll (he charged at Feora in the end) and rolled 3-1-1.

I will though highlight how effective Kell is with Rangers. Iron Zeal, Sheild Walled and Engaged Temple Flameguard. Kell was hitting on a 5+ and doing the autopoint of damage. It was beautiful, over the game he shot into combat about 6 times and killed his targets. It was something I hadn't actually thought about but RAT12 is just nasty. 

Friday, 4 January 2013

The Bad Seeds

I said there would be photos, I present the Bad Seeds!

Magnus himself, I um'd and ah'd  about the cloak colour as he was far too blue and the armour didnt really stand out as anything different. In the end I mixed a tiny amout of silver in with it and now it really pops as 'the same colour only shiney'


The solos, Kell and Orin. Kell was straightforward but the left hand on Orin was missing, thankfully I think the one I made up for him, while only 5 tiny sausages stuck together, does a decent job of looking like a hand...ish.


The Rangers, pulling double duty with my actual Cygnar army were a purchase I have been meaning to make for a while now. I have proxied them often but never found them in the shop. When I saw them I had to snap them up. Rangers rock.

Put alongside the Trenchers and the Defender I already have done this forms the backbone of my 35pts Bad Seeds list.

So, thems the models. Heres the list:

Magnus the Warlord +6pts
Renegade -6pts
Nomad -6pts
Defender -9pts

Rangers -5pts
Trencher Infantry (Max w/UA) -13pts

Kell Bailoch -FREE!
Orin Midwinter -2pts

Mostly a list for fun, I love Magnus and love Trenchers. Being able to take Rangers just tops off the list as 'freaking cool'

Anyway I have two games lined up for the list come Monday, I'll try and remember to get a battlereport together so we can all laugh at how bad I am with eMagnus.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

On a roll

Since picking up eMagnus and the unit of Rangers on Saturday I have been a busy little boy.

I have painted:
Orin Midwinter (as well as sculpting him a new left hand, I got him second hand and that was missing)
Kell Bailoch
The Ranger unit.

Been a good few days for getting things done, just waiting for some good light to get a few photos to put up. 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A quick one

Well after the hectic time that was christmas in retail I have found time again to sit down and paint and plan for playing again. I recently went over to Leeds and stopped by the game shop there. I was allowed to buy eMagnus and a unit of Rangers, which are now mostly painted and should be done for their first few games. 

In other news I am starting the new year with an intention, thats right, nothing too set in stone because I know just how fickle I can be. This year I am going to start getting to more tournaments. I do get asked to go but usually I pass up. This year is going to (hopefully) be when I get out more.