Friday, 2 November 2012

The lot of the Gorax

So I was having an amusing conversation with a friend today. The subject matter turned towards how I have been using the same Gorax since about 2005/2006. He has been a staple in my lists for all that time and yet...I hate him. With a passion.

Odd you may say. I love the stats, the cost and the animus but I absolutly hate the sculpt. This has evolved into a few specific ways I treat my Gorax. I always rile the Gorax if any beast needs riling that turn. I don't call it riling, I say I am 'calling him a prick' and 'telling him he's one ugly ass sculpt', I always transfer the damage to him. I always take one with Mohsar entirely for Maltreatment and finally if I need to slam/throw one of my own models at something to gain a knockdown, well you can bet your sweet ass it's the Gorax being thrown/slammed.

That being said, occationally he really shines through and I feel bad for the little guy. More than once he has been abused by me and still stepped up to the plate and totaled an enemy heavy, usually better because I have been mean to him, go go Pain Response.

Anyway, he will more than likely make most of my lists. 4pts for a 4 Fury light warbeast with an animus that can literally win games is a bargain. I just usually have to make sure I don't kill him using him as my whipping bitch.