Monday, 22 April 2013

2 Projects, 2 Days.

Hello again, I am back! The power cable for my laptop decided to pack in and I have only just managed to get out and pick up a new one. What with Work and the Family my time is pretty limited.

Anyway for pretty much the same reason I only had a couple of days in the past two weeks for painting and modeling. I also had 2 things I really wanted to get done. The first was a reposing of the clasic Nomad and a repaint as I got it second hand and was never happy with it, it needed to be mine. So I got out the powersaw and got busy.

The nomad after his repose, the whole shoulder joint needed sawing through and moving forward then rebuilding, the elbow needed sawing through and moving to the front so it bends and is no longer stuck right out. Then I needed to move him on his base and clean up the silly amout of superglue used by his original owner. I used some greenstuff to fill over the hole where he was stood originally.

Then the repaint. I went for a nice simple green, black and bronze. All told from the start with the saw right through to the last of the paint I took untill about 6 hours. I had to leave it for a few hours to let the green stuff cure but I didn't have a great deal of time and got painting before it was fully set. Because I am impatient.

Thursday I had a day off again, so I set about painting up my Magnus battlebox. I have ownd this fr a while. I mean it was discontinued years ago...

Anyway, I got cracking. This one took a little longer and I spent a few hours last night finishing it all off. I started with the Renegad, threw some paint on the Talon, then got Magnus started.

The Mangler needed a few coats to get the green constant and while each of them dried I finished up the other 'jacks and Magnus. But then the day ran out on me and I had only got the lights and Magnus finished.

The Mangler still needed the Bronze and wash, that I did last night. It took me just over two days and I got finished 2 heavies, 2 lights and a 'caster.

Not too shabby.