Sunday, 27 November 2011

A slow month

Well, work has been hectic up to christmas, not reall getting time to paint or play. It's sad and all that but the good news is I'm getting a game tomorrow...more Grayle? No, not tomorrow. Tomorrow sees the end of my religious Grayle gaming in favour of something a bit new. Currently I'm in a toss up between eKrueger (who's my usual go to Warlock) or for something a bit new I may chuck a Mohsar list together.

Anyway, seeing as it's christmas thats keeping me from playing I thought I'd post something I made last year for a chuckle. I'm not overly fussed about christmas but I find that if I'm gonna spam wolds with pKrueger then it makes the opponent less vexed if they have...


Anyway, stay tuned for tomorrow. I'll post up what I take and how I do. In my usual half arsed manner.

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