Saturday, 12 November 2011

Moar Grayle! A look at why he ticks...for me at least.

Stats - Grayle has them all where he needs them. A high SPD, MAT, DEF and ARM means he can get where he needs to for some stabbings, hit with a good accuracy and the ineviatable counter is blunted somewhat by his defences (needing MAT/RAT8 to hit him on averages). His CMD is also one over the Wolves so can be useful once things start to get stuck in, because yes he's always been that close to the action.

-Pathfinder, is practically a given,
-Stealth, was a nice surprise for me and helps keep him a bit safer from just being picked off but with the amount of things in this game that ignore it I'm finding it better to play as though he doesn't have the ability and keep him screened.  
-Side Step, now we're onto what makes him fun and opens up some fun vectors, it also means he can bob and weave about the combats taking down a few enemies (shame it only works on initials) before...
-Sprint, this is gravy really, after getting stuck in he can get back out, with his high SPD this can be enough to keep him safe. Of course in Circle we are spoiled in that we can hand out Sprint as an ability to anyone we wish to as long as we've brought the Warpwolf Stalker. But it's nice to have it built in so as to free up activation order and save a few fury.
-Elite Cadre, grants Hunter to Wolves, without a range attack it's situational but does allow charges through the forests. Handy, yes. Gamebreaking, no. 

Feat - Is a double barrel, it grants a 3" move to a friendly faction model if another friendly faction model makes a melee kill. Secondly it grants Stealth. Ok, so it's a tamed version of Shae's feat, requiring a trigger for the 3" move. While not as good offensivly the feat has a defensive side as well, amry wide stealth can be useful, though for me thus far it's saved a couple of Wolves from being shot and thats about it.Due to wording of the feat a model can't gain 3" from it's own attacks, so Grayle can't get even more movement out of it, probably a good thing, otherwise he'd be everywhere and stabbing everyone.

Weapons - A pair of low pow swords, they are made up for by having weapon master and are of course magical. They get the job done but are nothing to write home about. If only Grayle could somehow raise his STR...

Spells, the bread and butter of a Warlock.
-Awareness, a fairly situational spell so far for me, I've yet to field ranged beasties with him, and don't think we have the heavy hitting ranged that makes this spell shine in the filthy Menite forces. So have thus far not even cast it. Plus it's half his fury.
-Gallows, is a spell I find myself casting often. It opens up charge's to squisy centers that were protected by something large and imposing. It also helps to pull things in for the Warpwolves to have a snack on. Top spell, loved it on eKrueger and love it on Grayle.
-Storm Rager, is a sickening spell, Granting +2 MAT, STR and ARM to any warrior model is amazing in a faction of powerful solos. It makes Morriag MAT12 on the charge, 14 with flank up and if you want to be really insulting get Undergrowth onto the target to lower their DEF by 2 as well. Then giggle as the other guy cries BROKEN! Also an amazing spell on Grayle himself. Basically makes whatever it's cast on a whirlwind of destruction and gives them immunity to combined attacks. Taking away one of the answers to high DEF. Which in Circle we have in spades.
-Wind Blast, opponent likes using clouds? Laugh as you wipe them off the table to free up LOS for everyone! It also lowers any enemy's RAT thats standing in it, love it. This spell is also the main reason I think Awareness is situational at best.

Well, Grayle is the first 'lock we have that goes for combat turn after turn, he gets stuck in personally and does a good job at staying safe while doing so. He makes our Good solos even better, he negates casters who use lots of coulds to stay safe and good luck hiding behind a forest. All told Grayles coming for you, you're not getting away.

Plus I love it when 'locks can finish the game themselves. All told Grayle has rapidly become my number 2. Though thats an achivement, it'd take a lot to displace Krueger.

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