Tuesday, 25 October 2011

2 Games with Grayle...

So, after picking up Grayle Farstrider in Manchester I got his assembled and ready to go for mondays games at the club. New 'lock, syndrome should have dictated these games were catastrophic losses. It was not the case! New 'lock, new dice, new luck.

Game 1 saw me faced up against eDenny, Storm Ragered Lord of the Feast made short work of an entire unit of Croes Cutthroats before promptly missing the Gorax I'd teleported in on her feat turn with his raven thus failing to shift in. Crazily enough that same Gorax frenzied turn after and tore eDenny in half. Mighty amusing.

Game 2 was Strakhov, after an early feat (his first turn :/) I had a unit of Doom Reavers all up in my grill, thus keeping me from getting to the scoring zones. Grayle got stuck in to good effect and a game of dancing about ensued. I used my feat to position a unit of Wolves for the charge on Strakhov unfortunatly they didn't do quite enough damage and got trampled in turn. The Spriggan that did that ended in combat with my Woldwarden and stabbed it a couple of time. Strakhov goes and stands behind said Spriggan. Ok, big mistake right there. But he surrounded strakhov with Nyss. After getting the chain attack off on the Spriggan and slamming it over Strakhov a Feral came in to slam the Woldwarden out of the way for Grayle to charge a Nyss, sidestep off into Valachev (sp?, Khadors ranking officer) to stab him and sidestep into a KD strakhov to finish him off. I missed the first Nyss, What with backstrike and Strom Rager I only needed 5's. Curses. second attack finished the nyss so I sidestepped backwards and hit Strakhov with a Gallows. Intending to do some damage before the sprint away to safety. The damage was enough to kill him, oh yeah. The wolves got him earlier! Victory!

Two games, both good fun, but an epic struggle against Strakhov that I enjoyed immensly, as you can tell what with my epic rant there. I'm enjoying Grayle, hopefully by my next update I'll have a picture of him painted for y'all.

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  1. New dice?

    Pics would be good, he certainly sounds like your kind of caster :)