Sunday, 18 December 2011

Interesting Times

Well, I've now gotten through reading Domination and I must say it's a beautiful book. My compliments go out to PP at this point. I found it a much more interesting read than Wrath and the new toys I've been given far outstrip the new toys my Cygnar were.

-Grayle I've been into already, he's such a fun new 'lock that since picking him up I've done nothing but sing his praises. Several times over.

-eBaldur though is still new and while I do own him I've yet to get tabletime in with him. He has a few standout abilitys that make him look like a lot of fun. Namely Devourers Debt, Roots of the Earth and Rock Wall. He's getting stronger, he's going to be hitting things hard and he's going to be making it difficult to kill whatever you need to stay alive. I like the look of him. He's going to make a slow advance towards the enemy and then crush whatever stands in his way when he gets there. His feat is a little wonky in not allowing my force to move after I pop it but with his spell list Baldur is going to be a Warlock to activate late in the round anyway. Meaning a Wilder is going to be wanted to hand out the animus I might want casting and to extend his control bubble a bit if I'm playing out on the flanks with a beast. Game time will tell but I'm prefering the look of eBaldur to pBaldur.

-Scarsfell Griffon, nothing much to say, a nice solid flanking beast with abilitys to allow it to get where it needs to and stay in control while out there. Shame it's animus is 'self' as parry would be a nice ability to hand out but I can see why...SPD/STR warped Feral Warpwolves trampling and immune to freestrikes? Yeah that'd be fun.

-Winter Argus. Yeah, seems to follw the trend of Argii being overcosted. Plus it looses the ability that made the regular Argus even remotely useful in Combo Bite. It's animus being again 'Self' only and I'm failing to see what it's use is going to be. Still I know I'll be picking one up and I'll be trying to use it.

-Ghetorix...well, this is nice. A Warpwolf who has insane damage output without the need of primal is a grand thing. I can see Ghettorix Killing and eating everything in his path. His warps are a bit naff but look to be very usefull and his already decent ARM (by the standards of Circle anyway) is further improved by unyeilding. Loves him.

-Gallows Groves. 1pt channelers. Enough said? No? How about we can have up to 4 of them? Still no? How about enemy models within 3" loose tough? Still no? How about it's a frikkin doom tree? SOLD!

-Celestial Fulcrim, a bad ass laser sphere. Has all sorts out ranged attacks and can use them all each activation. This thing is icing (and firing, and on the cake. It's ranged attacks are a bit short ranged but thats fine by me as it has gunfighter so isn't too easy to stop. It generates a fury point each turn which it can use to boost or the Warlock can leech from it during the control phase. The only downside to this thing is it cannot be placed. So no teleporting the doom laser.

All told only the Winter Argus hasn't inspired me at first glace. All our other entries have had me frothing at the mouth. Plus the story arc was good for us, we got some stuff done. All it takes is Baldur coming back from the dead and then not including the rest of the order in his plans and we've done something without the endless bickering that defines the order. Good lad Baldur, take a leaf from Kruegers book. Just get stuff done and then deal with the rest of the Portents probably outraged reactions.

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  1. eBaldur is a lot of fun. I've been playing with him a lot and now actually prefer him to pBaldur. He plays a very heavy denial game but does it better in some ways than his primal form. I must disagree, however, with the Wilder. I think the Wilder doesn't offer much to Baldur, since there are only a few of our Warbeasts that have animi that could be used, and eBaldur wants to use Constructs to get the most out of them. Unfortunately, those constructs don't have animi that the Wilder can use.