Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A Goal and a Deadline

Well, settled on the second list for the local tournament. It's going to be an eKrueger list, le gasp! Though I've decided to use Wake of Destruction, his NQ theme force. Why not? I am after all taking eKaya's theme.

So, to sum this one up.

eKrueger +5pts

Woldwarden -9pts
Woldwarden -9pts
Woldguardian -9pts

Shifting Stones -2pts
Shifting Stones (w/Stonekeeper) -3pts
Stoneward & Woldstalkers -5pts
Druids of Orboros (w/Overseer) -9pts

Gallows Grove -1pt
Gallows Grove -1pt
Lord of the Feast -4pts
Eyriss, Mage Hunter of Ios -3pts

The theme not only allows me to take Eyriss, but nets me AD on 2 warbeasts. Which is more than likely going to go on the Woldwardens, try and snag something tasty early on.

Now, thats both lists set. I have it mostly done but I've a few bits need finishing.

Started but not quite finished:
Warpborn Skinwalkers (min)
Gnarlhorn Satyr

Don't even have yet:
Shifting Stones
2x Gallows Groves

That gives me a month to finish one warbeast and a unit. Then get Shifting stones and Gallows Groves assembled and a lick of paint on them. However shall I manage. I only have till the 25th of March...actually with my current speed at getting these things done will make me happy.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Getting Ready

Found a bit of time today before setting out to work to do a quick bit of painting, managed to get near done on my Skinwalkers. Figured they needed sorting out before the Fulcrum purely based on the fact that next month is a local tournament and they are the only thing not painted in my eKaya theme force, well that and the second set of shifting stones. But I've yet to order them (tomorrow is payday) and they dont take two minutes to get done.

My list, for those out there that might give a wurms arse...

Kaya the Moonhunter & Laris +3pts
Druid Wilder -2pts

Gnarlhorn Satyr -7pts
Feral Warpwolf -8pts
Pureblood Warpwolf -8pts
Warpwolf Stalker -9pts

Shifting Stones -2pts
Shifting Stones (w/Stonekeeper) -3pts
Warpborn Skinwalkers -5pts
Druids of Orboros (w/Overseer) -9pts

Overall nets me advanced deployment on the heavy warbeasts, advanced move on the skinwalkers, +1 to the starting roll and a lovely 4pts saved. Gonna have a few plays with it before I go and hopefully post up results and if your very lucky I'll have a photo of the finished skinwalkers sooner rarther than later. Life and Skyrim permitting.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A tiny bit of progress.

Yep, really is a tiny bit of progress. What with work being hectic my days off are mostly spent with the loved ones. Painting is a little anti-social then so managed to steal about half an hour before todays trip out. This Fulcrum is going to take for-blooming-ever. At least those gemstones are still looking pretty...but I did knock one of the Druids off by accident.

Not much else to say, last time I got to the club I couldn't get a game in. Apparently my reputation is so far out of control people are not wanting to play me cause they'll just lose, or maybe I'm just an arse to play against. I wouldn't mind but it's highly annoying seeing as I'm only getting down to the club every other week due to work and I'm not even that good a player.

Two bits of good news though, firstly I have a shiney new banner thanks to a jolly good chap over on the PP forums. Secondly is none gaming related, all my hard work at, well work has paid off and I'm stepping up to a management job. Whoop! That place is going to burn down by the end of the week.