Monday, 28 January 2013

Stormblade Banner

So, today I have finally sat down to sort a massive problem, the Stormblades banner. Seriously the officer is a beautiful mini, I would have been happy with him as a solo the only UA's better looking are the Tharn ones. The banner though, why? The banner is top heavy, meaning he is prone to falling over and the Stormglaive he weilds actually goes lower than the bottom of his base. Maybe I stuck it on badly but every time I tried to reattach it I have had the same problem. So, I got busy.

I stuck a couple of 2p's under his base, used a small blob of greenstuff to level it out so they sat nicely underneath him. This solved both the problems of him being top heavy and means his Stormglaive is no longer embedded in the floor.

I put a small ring of greenstuff around the coins to make it a little less obvious, it's not massivly neat but I am hoping it blends better when painted over black. It should do, if I'm honest paint covers a lot of sins.

You know, like this one. The join on the banner itself is horrible. I have put a few more folds into the banner which cross over the pole as it only really joins on the one side this shall hopefully hold it on a lot better.

Anyway, I am putting the Nemo list on the table tonight. Gonna have a blast with this one I think. There should hopefully be a battle report but I can't really promise. I tend to get easily distracted by the next new shiney.


  1. Nice work, the greenstuff on the banner looks really good

  2. Aye cheers, it blends in nicely too now it's painted. Shall get a picture of the back of it when I have finished the unit. Unfortunatly I doubt that'll be before Sunday now because I ended up painting Nemo and Thunderhead who are now both not bein taken. Sad face.