Thursday, 10 January 2013

A bit of a let down

Well I took a bunch of photos to do a turn by turn battle report for my games with eMagnus. Unfortunatly my phone has had to go back to Samsung for repairs so that went out the window.

All told the games did not go well, luck just decided to abandon me completely and the game ended with pFeora sitting on 2hps left. In my second turn a Defender missed a 7+ to hit on 3d6 which would have been more than enough. Magnus also had to roll the same on his last damage roll (he charged at Feora in the end) and rolled 3-1-1.

I will though highlight how effective Kell is with Rangers. Iron Zeal, Sheild Walled and Engaged Temple Flameguard. Kell was hitting on a 5+ and doing the autopoint of damage. It was beautiful, over the game he shot into combat about 6 times and killed his targets. It was something I hadn't actually thought about but RAT12 is just nasty. 

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