Friday, 4 January 2013

The Bad Seeds

I said there would be photos, I present the Bad Seeds!

Magnus himself, I um'd and ah'd  about the cloak colour as he was far too blue and the armour didnt really stand out as anything different. In the end I mixed a tiny amout of silver in with it and now it really pops as 'the same colour only shiney'


The solos, Kell and Orin. Kell was straightforward but the left hand on Orin was missing, thankfully I think the one I made up for him, while only 5 tiny sausages stuck together, does a decent job of looking like a hand...ish.


The Rangers, pulling double duty with my actual Cygnar army were a purchase I have been meaning to make for a while now. I have proxied them often but never found them in the shop. When I saw them I had to snap them up. Rangers rock.

Put alongside the Trenchers and the Defender I already have done this forms the backbone of my 35pts Bad Seeds list.

So, thems the models. Heres the list:

Magnus the Warlord +6pts
Renegade -6pts
Nomad -6pts
Defender -9pts

Rangers -5pts
Trencher Infantry (Max w/UA) -13pts

Kell Bailoch -FREE!
Orin Midwinter -2pts

Mostly a list for fun, I love Magnus and love Trenchers. Being able to take Rangers just tops off the list as 'freaking cool'

Anyway I have two games lined up for the list come Monday, I'll try and remember to get a battlereport together so we can all laugh at how bad I am with eMagnus.


  1. I have Cygnar and have dreamed of splashing over to Magnus. I am excited to see some battlereports.

  2. Also, your Orin sculpted hand is better than the off-hand on eKaya.

  3. Thanks, it was my first attempt at anything other than filling in gaps with greenstuff. So hearing it looks alright makes me feel good about it.

  4. Looking good chap, what 'jacks do you need to buy?

  5. None, I already own a Talon, 2 Renegades, a Nomad and a Mangler for Merc 'jacks. I kind of want a Mule and a Vanguard but I can make Magnus an effective enough battlegroup as is.