Tuesday, 15 January 2013

41pts of Electrified Steel

So I posted earlier today making this a massive treat for everybody! I said about how I couldn't pick a 'caster for my second list. Well I remembered the conversation I had with Ed (my Menite friend) and how he thought I would have bought Nemo3 instead of Sloan, seeing as I love the old guy. Well I replied that I hadn't played Nemo in ages but thats gonna change. eNemo is bringing the Steel.

Ok, bit of a mad list.

eNemo +6pts
Squire -2pts
Stormclad -10pts
Thunderhead -12pts
Stormwall +19pts

Stormblades (w/UA) -8pts

Arlan Strangeways -2pts
Stormsmith Stormcallers (x3) -3pts

It's a lot of points in warjacks for me, I usually take 2-3 but that has never been alongside the Stormwall. I figured I wanted it in a list for this event (it'll be Stormwalls first tournament) why not take him alongside Nemo. Hopefully I have thrown something together that will work, Nemo can be focus 8 on 3 turns and with the Stormblades giving the Stormclad 1 a turn for free and Arlan powerboosting anything that may need it I think focus should be fairly easy to play about with, that is compleatly discounting Nemo's feat turn.

Each 'jack covers the others:
Stormclad is as always the king of Melee, between Lightning Shroud and Energiser he should be hitting first and dropping something important. He can struggle with a mass of infantry but hey, thats why we have...
Thunderhead is there purely and simply to wipe troops off the board. Energiser gets him in range for his pulse. Arlan has his Evasive Action spell to help him slip out of melee and fry the offenders and I dont have to worry about frying my own guys because everything else is immune. Aside from the Squire.
Stormwall is rounding this out with a pair of cannons, covering fire templates and Lightning Pod's. With eNemos elite cadre there is very little that will be safe from eletrical death.

This is all good and well on paper. I have used the stormclad/thunderhead battlegroup before, swapping out the 3rd heavy for whatever took a passing interest. I honestly have little idea how the list will fare. It is quite low on the model count, so holding onto anything will be difficult. I may get this list onto the table soon, try and work it out a bit. Nowhere near enough time till the 10th of Febuary to work 2 entirely new lists up to scratch for this event. But at least it's something new for me. 2013 is starting off quite interestingly. 

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