Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Quick Tinkerings

So, deadline is coming up and the lists still are not set. I mean ok I did pick up a new Warcaster and decide she was the one I was taking, Probably not the wisest idea.

This week I was snowed in, I could have made it to the club but not sure if anyone else would have so stayed in and played over vassal. The list was nearly the same but I had subbed out the B13th and Rangers for a unit of Gun Mages and used the spare point to up Pendrake to a Journeyman (best thing I did). The list performed a lot smoother aside from a few points. Namely the Avenger.

The list is working mostly by the Journeyman shielding Boomhowler who then runs up and jams the other line, keeping them away. Seriously, running if I can't get the charge. Most things that can drop a boomie grunt even at ARM19 with that charge. Running at them to take that away can make all the difference. When any gaps appear the Longgunners, Kara and her battlegroup open up and fill the gap full of bullets. The problem lies mostly with the AOE KD. I managed to knock down a couple of boomie grunts with the damn thing. It did make up for it by charging through and applying the Stun Blade into a Vanquishers face. So I am unsure about it, the gun is nice but doesn't really work with how I want to run the list. Having said that he is a ranged 'jack so I get good use out of him when a gap opens up thats big enough, the main reason is that he also has a big sword. Which means I have back up melee capabilitys.

More practise, I think the Gun Mages and Journeyman are a good swap over Rangers, B13th and Pendrake. The comment on a previous post by Whitestar333 was quite close to the original list plan and I must say has been spot on.

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