Sunday, 27 January 2013

Painting mans

So, having got my phone back from Samsung I have a camera again. I also have a day off work. So here's the latest batch of minis painted to the highest quality standard...ok I can't say that with a straight face. Here we go.

Longgunners, you have no idea how long I have put these guys off. Kara is in there too and yes, that is Thunderhead in the background. He's getting done between eEyriss and Arlan Strangeways as the next up to bat.

Close up of Kara, she ended up looking like an over zealous drag queen. But you know, fits the fluff I suppose?

These next two are of Cryx, now no I havent turned over to them. These minis are not mine, I haven't painted them and don't really intend to play them. (never tell her this though, she painted them for me...) My other half is much better with a brush then me.

Now if only I was good enough with lighting and such when taking pictures to make these look as good as they do. She has gotten through the Cryx battlebox and Asphyxious. Not sure what she wants to do next but I have her leafing through the Forces of Cryx book to pick something.

And Finally, a bit of commision work done. I cleaned, assembled and filled. She painted.

Not sure what it actually is, it is from the Banebeasts range. We called him Frank. (Also, again super glare in the background. Really means you can't see the highlights on his scales. I need photo lessons o_O)


  1. Nice work mate. Liking the Sloan/long gunners. They look battle worn.

    Kudos to your lady too, impressive work!

  2. It's how I tend to like my minis, plus it is super easy to do which is why I pump them out this bloody fast. I actually finished the Thunderhead in an afternoon. Gonna get a photo up as soon as Nemo is finished, which should take like another 15 mins when I finally focus a bit.

    Yeah, she is pretty good at this. It's nice to sit with her and paint, just really kinda glad she doesn't have any interest in playing.