Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Sloan, a new direction

So I have picked up yet another 'caster, this time Kara Sloan. I have never seen her figure in person, not once at any tournement, nobody in the local group has her (though to be fair we dont actually have many dedicated Cygnarians) and I have never seen her used on Vassal. So, must be a great 'caster right? SOLD!

I played one game against my Menite friend, he used Vindictus and for once I helped him with his list, he usually just throws it all together. In the end the list gave me fits (so I did something right?) and Zealots got right up into my grill by abusing True Path and their mini feat (which name alludes me, but makes them pretty much invincible) and threw bombs at the longgunners and managed to get a crit on Kara herself setting her on fire. Gonna be honest though, Ryan of the Black 13th made them pay for that insult dropping about 6 of them in a single magestorm. Range 5 bombs made them bunch up to try peg Kara. In the end Kara hit a bare Vindictus with Spitfire, an Avenger missed but hit him with blast and boosted that for a few points and then finally the Defender boosted the shot, hit. Boosted the damage and failed to finish the deal. I am getting a bit cross with that 'jack. I'm sure it has a quirk in it's cortex. Well I threw up a hasty screen with Boomhowler totally forgetting the 2 Errants and Errant solo who hadn't been compleatly finished off in the Forest behind her...yeah. Ouchies.

Anyway the list I am using hopefully for a while, (tournament 10th Feb).

Kara Sloan

Black 13th
Longgunners (max w/UA)
Boomhowler & Co (max)

Gorman di Wulfe

It might get a few tweaks. Pendrake is a bit iffy in there and was only added bcause I have finished painting him recently. I may slip in Stormwall, I only want it in one of my lists but I am still not sure on the other one yet. I havent even picked a 'caster for the second list.

Anyway, I have a painted Pendrake and am working my way through one of my oldest Cygnarian units. The Longgunners are finally getting paint. I am waiting for my phone repairing as thats the camera I usually use for the photos on here. Which is why they are always bad...yeah, thats it. The cameras fault.

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  1. I love Sloan! She's currently my favorite Cygnar warcaster.

    Pendrake is fantastic with Kara but you'll likely run into some issues against armies with Stealth with that list. While the Black 13th is great, in order to deal with stealth you can only ignore it on a small segment of your opponent's army and as soon as you come up against a full unit of Bane Thralls you'll cry a bit.

    I'd consider making room for some Gun Mages with their UA as they have some awesome synergy with Pendrake against hordes opponents (esp. if Sloan pops feat first!) and they can handle a wide variety of targets. You could also consider taking Jonas Murdoch for Boomhowler & Co. to make them faction models (feat!) and giving them both Assault AND the ability to dig in once per game. He's really awesome for them and for 2 points, you won't regret it.

    Good luck with Kara! She's a bit one-sided but oh so fun!