Thursday, 7 February 2013

Submitted Lists

So, I tried to get Nemo2 up and running. I failed and couldn't get him to twig for me. I really want to have a list with the old boy up and running but it won't be for Leeds this Sunday, unfortunatly I can't seem to keep him safe during the scenarios. Every game I have played I have built up the momentum and then watched as my opponent sidestepped the Stormwall and killed him. It'll take more games and many tweaks untill I am comfortable with him. So, last minute and I only have one list. I have had to fall back on an old faithful, the queen of all Cygnar. eHaley. Yeah sorry, I chickened out.

I did have to sneak a Stormwall into her list. I aint paying for one only to leave it at home for the years first tournament of the year, Thankfully that was easy, I usually have a Stormclad and Defender. Switch. eEyriss is in the Sloan list so she became 3 Stormsmiths, as is Gorman who became Arlan Strangeways. 

eHaley +5pts
Squire -2pts
Thorn -8pts
Stormwall -19pts

Stormblades and UA -8pts
Gun Mages and UA -8pts

Stormsmiths x3 -3pts
Captian Arlan Strangeways -2pts
Journeyman Warcaster -3pts
Rhupert Carvolo -2pts

To put this in comparison and to be complete the Sloan list is below, this thankfully had testing to the point that I was comfortable with.

Kara Sloan -6pt
Avenger -9pts
Defender -9pts

Gun Mages with UA -8pts
Long Gunners, max with UA -12pts
Boomhowler and Co, max -9pts

Journeyman Warcaster -3pts
Reinholdt -1pt
Gorman di Wulfe -2pts
eEyriss -3pts

On the painting front I have been pretty busy, the sloan list is 100% painted now. The eHaley list has the stormblades needing finishing (about 40% through), the Stormsmiths (about 20% through) and the Stormwall needs finishing (who is about 45%).

For this event I have painted, Kara Sloan, Long Gunners and UA, Boomhowler and Co, Arlan Strangeways, Reinholdt and eEyriss. Oh, lets not forget Viktor Pendrake, who was dropped from the Sloan list in one of the early tweaks, Nemo2 who no longer gets a list and Thunderhead. His techno-pet. At least you got painted guys.

Nemo and Thunderhead are some of my favorite minis, been enjoying painting them and the practise games where they were getting slapped about. Quick sneaky glimpse of Stormwall there too. His upper half is done mostly, it's his legs need the paint then onto washes. Getting there but still so much work needs doing.

Quick pair of boomhowler shots, he still needs eyes but thats a 2 second job. Anyway thats all folks, I have another practise game tomorrow hopefully so will give the eHaley list a quick whirl but I know her well enough to know that the list should work well enough. Just a bit upset I couldn't find Nemo.

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