Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Job Done - Gorax Repose

Managed to get this far in the time I set myself in this challange, I am fairly happy with the results the pose is not exactly what I was wanting but to have the arms any lower than that would have required rebuilding most of the biceps too and I really didn't want to be doing that. I decided on a fleshy torso as opposed to building up a shadowhorn style belt, mostly because I felt that flesh would be easier.

Hug a Gorax! Managed to find time to paint him up too. This was outside the time I set, but only took a short time due to the limited colour pallet used. Now it is painted most of the sculpting work on him has blended in nicely.

The Gorax from behind, as you can see I took pains remove or cover all the ropes that bound him down.

Anyway I didn't quite make time with this challange but am quite happy with the results. My Gorax is nice and unique and no longer an utterly ridiculious pose. I am also more happy with the paint job this time round.

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  1. Cracking work pal. The abdomen blends in really well to the original sculpted detail