Monday, 13 May 2013

Half way, Gorax repose.

Right I seem to have forgotten that life hits me even on my free days. Yesterday we were host to a 7th birthday party for the little one and the clean up has fallen to me today. Putting me two hours behind. No bother really, I still have time. I have finished the main pose off, he just needs to cure before I stick both halfs together and then work a bit more on the details.

I started with the legs as I like to work ground up, chopped the left hip up to swing the leg forward slightly. I then chopped into the ankles to change the feet so they lay flat. When that was about right I got it stuck back together, using a pin on the hip joint and filling in gaps I had made with greenstuff. 

The basic idea with the upper body, I had forgotten that the right arm was glued on and was pleasently surprised when it snapped off during sawing. Both arms were removed and then using a paperclip I got them roughly where I wanted and started filling in with greenstuff. The right side is built up a bit better and I am waiting for it to cure a bit before I start building up the left side and coving over the fur a bit. I have chopped off all the ropes around his waist and plan on filling over his back to cover the one going down that. The collar was chopped up a bit so it doesnt really attach to anything anymore. He shall be FREE!

A rough idea what I am going for, the waist needs rebuilding a bit and currently I am unsure how to do this. Do I want flesh or an armour belt like the Shadowhorn Satyr has? Not really planned anything here but shall see how things turn out.

The project is fairly behind schedule now and is likely to get worse, tomorrows tasks are looking like they might have to go on hold thanks to an appointment I forgot about.

In other news I am teaching a new friend the game, he is looking into Cryx so thats what I am doing this afternoon.

And finally, thanks for reading. A bit of a rushed blog I know so forgive that please.


  1. Great work chap. Bet you can get it done in time :)
    looks good so far