Saturday, 11 May 2013

Design Brief - Gorax

So, spurred on by my recent success in reposing the woldwarden I wanted another project to sink my teeth into. Well, you guys remember my post about the lot of the Gorax? In it I said how I loved the rules but hated the sculpt (see where this is going?) and as a result he got a lot of stick from me. Yesterday, I was flicking through NQ47 which I just got hold of and there was a beautiful looking bit of art for the Gorax (page 54) and I had my new project.

A plan is forming, I have the goal in mind. I just need a list of things that will need changing.

1, Loose the bloody rock. Seriously that thing is the most ridiculious part of the whole model.

2, Stand the Gorax up straighter (same problem I had with the Woldwarden actually) and maybe give the legs a bit more of a natural looking standing. As they are they are side by side, they will likely need to be a bit staggered to look right.

3, Put the arms down...ok this is a contender for the most ridiculious part of the model. The arms need to be out to the sides, but will also need bending at the elbows a little to look more natural.

4, He needs a facelift though I am not entirely sure how I am going to manage that. I can see me just taking a cutting disk to his lower jaw and obliterating the most of it and then try lengthen it and make him look more....raaaawr! Which roughly translates into I am totally going to wing this part and hope to the Wurm I don't make him more ugly than he is now. 

5, Repaint! After all this work he is going to need it.

Ok, Now I have the goal and the things I need to do to achieve it are (sort of) planned out. This is where the fun part comes in. I have a time limit, self imposed it may be but a limit none the less. As I have to balance this around working and my family, I have set the time limit at 2 days to rebuild and repaint the Gorax. With half the first day already given over to my weekly trip to the game club. My goal is to have the Gorax chopped up and stuck back together by 2pm Monday. Giving it the night to cure enough ready for painting the Tuesday when I have from whatever time I get up untill 1pm to get that finished as that is when my better half gets home and I wanted to spend the afternoon with her.  

Anyway, thanks for reading. Wish me luck.


  1. Look forward to seeing how you get on mate :)
    biggest challenge will be the arms I reckon

  2. I think you might be right there, those arms are pretty special. Looking forward to the challange anyway and if it does go wrong, oh well.