Tuesday, 10 January 2012

eKaya, a win and a loss.

Got to the club last night, which was nice as work seem to be dragging me in mondays at the moment. Managed to get two games going, one against Blindwater @50pts and one against Shae running A Pirates Life @35. In both I ran eKaya.

The Gator game was amusing, I fished one of his Wrastlers forwards with some Druids getting it in charge range of the Warpwolf Stalker which promptly got Forced Evolution and went hell for leather. Killing the heavy for the low low cost of one fury. Which meant it got sprint and pulled back. Next turn Laris snuck through and got a charge at a backfield Wrongeye failed to kill so kaya Spirit Shifted in and finished the job, removing Snapjaw without a single attack directed at him. This was also feat turn so a couple of warpwolves came with her. Unfortunatly the Stalker didn't live up to the turn before and failed to kill the second Wrastler by missing all but one of his attacks, out of 6 attacks needing 6's to hit you'd expect more really wouldn't you? Aye well, is probably what I get for removing snapjaw with such ease. Seeing there was no running Barnabas went at this unexpected threat like you'd expect and took down the Stalker. Unfortunatly the Feral was still standing as well as Kaya herself and Laris just for good measure. Made a good photo though, so took a quick snap on the phone.   

Obviously Barnabas went down. The good news is the Gatormen Posse's at the other side of the board were steamrolling over my small Farrow contingent, which I had taken for that exact purpose. I love it when a plan comes together.

The game against Shae was my good friend Ed, who was going back to uni so would be our last game for a while, I ran theme force up to tier4 with eKaya. everyone was engaged from turn two as both of our lists were fast striking. it got a bit hectic, I tired a trample through to Hawk and Killingsworth but then realised I'd forgotten to activate Kaya first and he was out of control. Handed him a feral for the cost of 3 Pressgangers. Foolish. It went downhill from there and ended up with Kaya literally surrounded by pirates all beating the hell out of her. I took another photo of that but my phone decided it didn't like that idea and never saved it. I hate blackberrys by the way, can not wait for this contract to run out. Either way the game against Ed was a blast, neither of us taking things too seriously. All told a good game for him to get back to uni on.

Kaya's theme force has a good few perks though, this was the first time I've run it. As I usually don't bother with theme as theres always something nice I want thats not included. Has made me think about the theme forces a lot in general...hmmm, maybe another post idea right there. Might also try and get a halfway decent picture of Rorch up as I managed to drag myself away from Skyrim long enough to at least paint something.

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