Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Celestial Fulcrum, Blog 1.

Ok, so I managed to obtain a rather desired item yesterday. After work I nipped down the club to speak to a friend, lo and behold there was a Celestial Fulcrum awaiting me. Well I nipped it home lickedy split and sent a few texts around in a boastful manner. One of them came back with 'get blogging' (this is the abridged version). So this morning I cracked open the box and started having a look over the contents. All told I'm a happy bunny but the 'get blogging' text also expressed an interest in the quality of the resins. So I took a few photos to whack up here.  

 The First one is the base, a nice piece but it has a few pock marks in it, presumably where air pockets formed during casting, not too much effort to sort out. A quick smooth over with a tiny bit of greenstuff will get rid of that issue without a headache. At least thats the plan...

A massive amout of flash on the...thingamajig might be a pain to remove. 

Now I'm just getting picky. This will be no issue at all. Still, figured I'd whack it up. 

And no set of photos would be complete without the group shot.

Well, onto cleaning up and putting it together as much as I can without blocking painting areas, it's handily all marked out as to what goes where, A to A, 2 to 2 etc. Plus my main worry of it being a fragile piece of £$%* appear to be unfounded at first glance as the...thingamajigs are made from resin so not overly heavy. Plus the join areas seem quite wide. Now if only I could remember where my pinning drill has gone...

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