Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Celestial Fulcrum, Blog 2.

Well, got the Fulcrum assembled and ready for the painting stages. It's currently in two pieces. The base with the druids attached and the main part of the thing. 

Nice and easy for the next stage, which is painting. All told the thing has gone together very nicely. The pock marks were easily covered with the greenstuff and one of the druids needed a bit more under him to attach him properly to his rock. Like a boob I didn't take photos of those parts mind. 

Due to odd angling of this photo it looks a bit freaky. But it shows my point. Thats held there not by glue but just by slotting in, a beautiful thing as it allows me a full model for gaming while I try and motivate myself to get it painted. That said I am doing this blog tracking my progress, maybe that might be enough. 

Anyway, So far I've been enjoying this kit. Really can't wait for Monday to roll around and I can put this thing on a gaming table.

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