Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Thornfall Alliance!

Well, I've been a we bit busy away from my Circle, working on a super secret (well, not at all) project that is the Thornfall Alliance. Which I started collecting as minions to wrk for my Circle anyway. Figured I'd whack up my Warlocks and yes Rorch counts too, for peeps to see.

A quick note on my painting, I only paint for tabletop quality. I never have a great deal of time to commit to a single figure and have never been the best painter out there. so long as it looks pretty at arms length I'm happy with it.
The second point is one that has had some of my gaming group gasping in horror, I never prime my models. each of these models has the colours painted straight onto the bare metal. Why? Well honestly I don't know, I used to do it. But rainey weather gave me pause one day and then I just havent done it since. Call it a casualty of Yorkshire weather.
My 3rd point, I never base my models. Once I've finished the paint job on the model I put a quick lick of black over the base to get rid of overrun and maybe paint on the facing markings. I've always maintained that the base is the part of the model that counts and I've never wanted that part of the mini cluttered. Really though I'm sure it's just because I'm lazy.

Aaaaaand after putting this photo up I've noticed that I haven't done Arkadius rest for the wicked.

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