Monday, 15 July 2013

I'm not dead...

Honestly have just been massivly busy. Work has people off on holiday and people off on the sick. Coupled with the fact that my good lady is expecting a wee baby girl come October, well lets just say that this hobby is a secondary concern.

Having said that, I got a lovely present in the post which is my last big buy for a while. I got my Storm Strider. Got it together last night and am manically trying to get at least a showing of paint on the thing because I won't have time for much of the rest of the week.

Come this afternoon, in about 2 hours now I'll be trying my second game of unbound. Not super enthused as I was not impressed with the last game. Am hoping to give War Room a good spin too to save space and book keeping during the match. Hopefully it'll work better on my Kindle than on my phone. It doesn't seem to crash on the Kindle really which is a massive improvement. Still taking my charger because I know what War Room is like for that.

After that I have a game planned with Ed, my Menite friend. 50pts and I am planning on using Nemo3 with both my Stormwall and Storm Strider. Hopefully I shall be getting photos and putting the game up on here.

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