Sunday, 28 July 2013

Putting the Swan Down...

So I have been playing Cygnar now for over a year, it has been a fun and rewarding experiance sticking to the same faction for such a long period of time, I managed to play some great games and some really tedious ones but all told I learnt a good few things

1: Take what you want, I have been rocking Trencher Infantry in about 70% of my lists and they have rarely let me down. Even against Errants, Mage Hunters, Feora2 and her bonded Judicator and they have pulled weight.

2: Stormblades kick ass, high power good accuracy and with a few buffs they might actually make it there. Also shooting each other for the AOE's is a thing. I took down a massive unit of Kayazy by running 3 at them and then assault shotting them in the back to wipe out a few Assassins. My opponent was just a little surprised by that one. The kicker is you only need a 5 to hit your guys and they are immune to the attack anyway.

3: Do not play Unbound games. Just don't. Too much bookkeeping and the game went on far too long. I left 40K because bigger does not equal better.

4: Haley2 is boss, though this might seem a bit obvious I played her a lot this last year and that spell list with 8 Focus makes for options in most situations. I have even won a few games where I never even Feated. She is awesome incarnate...and she makes Trenchers kick all manner of ass.

 Well I bet your all wondering why I am summing this up, well kind of obviously I have decided to move on and put them away. I have just finished changing my main gaming bag over and putting my Circle back in.

In other news we (as a Yorkshire based club) have gotten in touch with a club over in Lancashire and have decided to hold an inter-club tournament. Hopefully this is something we can try and keep going and have the War of the Roses reborn again in Western Immoren.

Anyway, to sum it all up. After so long away it is going to be nice to be a forest man again. Now to start painting green again.

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  1. Good to hear. I know how to play/build my Cygnar, but I am a Circle newbie.