Tuesday, 16 July 2013


So this was my second game of unbound, I was a tad dissapointed after the first game as it required a lot of shuffling through cards and took quite a while to get done. This time I had War Room, it helped, quite a lot actually. Yet even though I was impressed with this update for the program (no crashes and no problems) the game was still an epic grind. I had Siege, Haley2 and Nemo3. Against Karchev, Irusk1 and Vlad1. The game took about 6 hours to play and I got burnt out by the end of it.

First death was siege, on a full camp he got shot by an eyriss I didn't see and then shot to death. Next down was Karchev, Nemo feated and the Thunderhead hit him 3 times as well as a Stormstrider twice, he survived that to charge the Thunderhead and scrap it and the Stormstrider finished him for his troubles. Irusk's Conquest was obliterated and then all his troops were slaughtered so he was left on his own and boxed in as the battle line shifted horizontally leaving him behind my lines with nobody for company. I thought this amusing and left him be. Only a token unit of Trenchers who dug in at the edge of a forest kept him from getting anywhere. Vlad then got black oil in the face and stamped on by the Stormwall. While Nemo started wiping out all his troops.

We called the game then, it had taken a very long time and both players had gotten a bit tired. I never played my regular game afterwards. I was Warmachined out. I don't think unbound is for me.

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