Wednesday, 13 February 2013

2 for 2

Well finally got a bit of time to sit down and post the results of Sundays day out. If you can't guess I went 2-2 and managed to place 8/16. Not too shabby, well it might be, I'm not entirely sure all 16 were there so am in the lower half by the looks of things.

I got there and realised I had left stormwalls cards at home, I have been testing eHaley with Thunderhead and a Stormclad and had that set up in my card sleeves. So I only played the first game with her, using war room. I hate war room for gaming, it just doesn't work.

So, quick run down:

Game 1, eHaley vs Harbringer. I forgot to feat the right turn so ended up pretty ovewhelmed, managed to open up a gap and waltzed Stormwall around a few models to punch harbringer in the face. The gap I made was literally a cockhair at either side and we had to get the wreck marker for him out and wiggle it about to see if he would even fit. He did, and a 9" advance around all his army to get there is a beautiful thing. I took only 1 free strike from a choir boy. nothing to worry about there.

Game 2, Kara vs Borka (family reunion). There are times you feel like an absolute tit...This was one of them. I got second, but the speed that Boomhowler is across the table in that theme force threw me a bit and I didn't even try contesting zones in my second turn, he scored 2 in my turn and dominated in his turn to score another 3. 5 to win. Game over, lost by accident. Oh dear me.

Game 3, Kara vs eThagrosh. Between Boomhowler running and tying down the Hex Hunters and then Long Gunners putting covering fire over them he lost an entire unit over a couple of turns. That freed up the zone while Thagrosh was bumbling over to the flag to dominate. His beasts were traded for mine and Kara really went to town gunning down anything that she could. In the end massive attrition victory. Oh and one more thing, even a Blinded Carvivean managed to wreck my Defender in one activation. Brutal, I charged him after blinding reasoning it was more effective and pretty safe. Never make that mistake again, those things are scary.

Game 4, Kara vs Vlad3. Great opening, managed to take down his gun carrige so the only heavy thing against me was Torch. These was a mass scrimmage going down in the middle which Boomhowler was starting to loose for me but I had him backed up. Then I forgot to trigger Refuge on kara leaving her in a pretty bad spot. Still not too bad...Yeah did you know Vlad3 has a feat which grants Sidestep? I actually did but still tried to get bodies in front of her, you stop that charge that was pretty much out of distance anyway...

I had a great time though, it can be a bit of a mixed crowd in leeds but I got good opponents all day and quite enjoyed myself. Is just a shame I got locked into Kara the last three games due to forgetting a card. 

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