Friday, 17 August 2012

Well, that was a bit hectic.

Hoping to get back to posting now, having just recently moved house I've been a bit lax (don't look at me like that...ok MORE lax) in my posting. But honestly nothing much has been happening, sort of switched over to my Cygnar for a bit to indulge my random love of all things Trencher.

A WIP of the toughest bastard alive, who as it turns out is the toughest bastard alive to get done. My usual methods of throw some colours on and let it all sort itself out are not going too well. I have, as it were, hit the wall. Probably because I've been out of it for a few months and came back straight into one of my favorite characters in this game. Aye well, I shall keep at it. bits here and there. I also managed to get a War Hog for half price from a clear out at the LGS. Which was blooming nice and is providing a good counterpoint to Finn, seeing as I know exactly what is going where on that beastie.

Anyway, I'm back. Hopefully I wont be months between posts and might even have a finished Finn for showing off at some point. Maybe I might actually start my Trencher unit? Maybe I might make it to a decent hobby store and pick up the bits I need for my tier list trench templates.

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