Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New Toy

Well, took my list of piggies to the club Monday, it went as well as I'd expected. A loss, but a laugh. With my very limited Battlegroups all my points were put into infantry and ended up against the Old Witch with a pair of Destroyers, Behemoth and some Mechaniks. Add into this that 2 rounds of shooting neither my Gun Boar (boosting) and Razorback Crew (hoping) couldn't nail a round into Scrapjack and stop his rampage in my lines. Rorch managed to catch Old Witch in a blast of his dynomite and do a few points of damage.

In other news a friend of mine sells a few bits and peices on the side and had a Stormwall. Letting me have it discounted and paying for it over a couple of months led me to have a new project...damn it I was supposed to be getting my Farrow up and running. Anyway, just getting the colours right on the big boy. A quick snap seeing as he is right next to me drying.

On a side note, the wreck marker that come with the Colossal is awesome, it'd be good if they put them out for light and heavies too. God knows I'd pick up a set.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! Looking good man, how much more work do you think is left to do?

    Can't wait to get hold of Hyperion...