Monday, 20 August 2012

Minion Madness

Well, I told you all I was going to be a busy bunny and I damn well aim to please (mostly myself...whoooo!).

I managed to get two heavies painted for the Thornfall Alliance. Enough gassing, more pictures.

An early WIP of Brine, which has been entitled Bling Pig. I thought him to be a little bit garish so this got toned down...a lot.

Rorch and Brine, ready for the tabletop. As you can see Bling Pig didn't last too long.

The Warhog, I was having a lot of trouble with his wounds and got a bit over excited when they worked out...totally not claiming credit for this one though.

Lord Carvers battlegroup. Yes I know it's small, I know I'm missing out on those amazing battlegroup wide spells. But I'm poor, it is a sad fact I have to live with.

The reason I aint claiming credit for the sores on the Warhog. My girlfriend got involved and put them on for me, she is a gem.

Who apparently likes using her hand as a pallet...bloody artists.

Whoop, last night was a sit down and get things done night. We had a few beers (yes this is not just viral advertising for red stripe...the delicious refreshing jamaican beer) and got some beasts painted.

Today saw Carvers first table game (vassal doesn't count) and it was 15pts against legion, Absylonia, a Scythean and a Carnevian. I took Lord Carver, a Gun Boar, a Warhog and a full unit of Brigands. I basically drip fed his 'beasts quagmired Brigands and then charged Absylonia with Lord Carver. A quick application of the Hand of God along with Carver feating and Brigands giving her the -2def hug. It was lights out.

Admittedly I was a bit disappointed. I have 35pts of Farrow together now but that was all the other guy had and I was pressed for time.


  1. +1 for Red Stripe

    Nice work dude, really like the heavies, and the GF involvement is extra points! :P