Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A tiny bit of progress.

Yep, really is a tiny bit of progress. What with work being hectic my days off are mostly spent with the loved ones. Painting is a little anti-social then so managed to steal about half an hour before todays trip out. This Fulcrum is going to take for-blooming-ever. At least those gemstones are still looking pretty...but I did knock one of the Druids off by accident.

Not much else to say, last time I got to the club I couldn't get a game in. Apparently my reputation is so far out of control people are not wanting to play me cause they'll just lose, or maybe I'm just an arse to play against. I wouldn't mind but it's highly annoying seeing as I'm only getting down to the club every other week due to work and I'm not even that good a player.

Two bits of good news though, firstly I have a shiney new banner thanks to a jolly good chap over on the PP forums. Secondly is none gaming related, all my hard work at, well work has paid off and I'm stepping up to a management job. Whoop! That place is going to burn down by the end of the week.

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