Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Good Intentions

I did finish that defender the day after the last post...I swear it. I have just been bloody busy and not had time to blog at the moment. Or get much else done really, here we go anyway.

The Master Gunner was also finished so I am really getting close, I just have the Trencher Infantry and Finn to paint before I get hold of the Commandos.

But wait, as I was going to work one day the girlfriend asked if she might have a crack at the Infantry. Seeing no time at anypoint for me to sit down for practically a month I agreed. She delivered. Producing a unit that meets my (very low) standards and in fact is much better than I would have done had I done them myself.

So yeah, just Finn left till I need to pick up the last unit. Unfortunatly I dropped him while painting him and he kinda broke. So I'm intending on picking up some superglue soon to get him fixed.


  1. Those Trenchers look fantastic.

  2. Yeah she is very good at this. I gave her Lich Lord Asphyxious to do with what she wants. It is looking very good already.