Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Baldur2 vs Asphyxious3 (good few pics)

I was under the impression I would be against a colossal this week, I had asked one of the guys at the club for a game knowing full well he had been bought one for his birthday so would likely be out and about with it. He did not dissapoint, the Kraken was unleashed.

I'm just gonna jump straight into it. I took photos at the end of each turn as well as a couple just because they made me chuckle.

Standard first turn,. Druids cloud covered and everyone got into position, we were playing (Incursion?) the Scenario with 3 flags and a random one goes 'pop'

His first turn was to jam the central and left flags with ashen vailed mcthralls and send the Kraken over to the right hand flag, the Kraken also fired that massive cannon of his at the druids bagging two. First blood to Cryx. The left hand objective vanished handing me an advantage (I had put nowhere near enough over there to contend with a tide of thralls instead putting full force into dropping the Kraken).

Apparently the last Circle guy he went against had a lot of trouble clearing mcthralls, after a barrage of druidic magic only a steaming pile of body parts and a single mcthrall were left alive. Even the stitch thrall bit the dust under the concentrated attack so no rebuilding for you Mr Cryx. Baldur feated this turn and put a wall down to protect the Stalker and Guardian from the deadly embrace of a pistol wraith which is just out of shot on the right there.

And there he is! Though he turned his attention on the Druids instead claiming the lives of two of them. The Kraken had a few more and the crazy harpoon helljack had another few. Leaving one druid alive...the Pistol wraith claimed a CP for Cryx. Asphyxious also feated this round...

Baldur went and avenged the fallen Druids by charging and destroying the helljack, Then hopping back over the wall thanks to Lightning Strike from the Wilder. The stalker moved in front as a bit more protection the Gorax tried to claim the Pistol Wraith but failed the charge so the Guardian had a go. Claiming the Objective for Circle.

When your opponent feats it is usually a good idea to pay attention, this was his focus pool after allocation. Apparently he would have been healing too but I hadn't managed to get a bead on his so that part made no odds. Still...thats a lot of focus. Shame he got Diced really, he threw 2 Hex blasts at megalith and both missed and both scattered badly. The third hit and removed his animus so he could apply a few thralls and the withershadow to his stoney face.

 The Kraken took down the Guardian and Megalith got swarmed, thankfully Roots of the Earth kept him kicking.

It hardly seems fair does it? Heres a hit boys and girls, dont turn your back on the giant tentacle monster.

The kraken had been lured in. Time to bag the prey, the stalker went first. Due to a frenzy on the Gorax he didn't get primal but still took down most of the right had side. Baldur got teleported over and went ape on the thing, destroying the Kraken and claiming another CP for me. Hurray!

Now I had a picture of the last turn, but I accidentally deleted it. Basically he needed to kill Baldur as anything he sent over would be killed and I'd claim another point...he decided to use Asphyxious. He measured and might be able to make it. Not entirely clear as he had to take an odd angle due to avoiding the Stalkers base. He cast mobility, camped 5 and charged. Out by a 1/4". The stalker headbutted him so he was prone atop his beloved (and utterly destroyed Kraken) and Baldur liberally applied Tritus to his face untill he stopped moving. P+S19 makes a mockery of overboosted powerfields.

To conclude the list worked quite nicely, the flag vanished in my favour even if it did bring all the action over towards the colossal. Oh, and don't f*** with Baldur.


  1. Nice write up man. looks like it was a stonker of a game :)

  2. Yeah, the combination of tide of thralls and Kraken is quite a nightmare. If he hadn't bunched them up quite so tightly I would never have cleared them all. thinking about trying to slip my fulcrum in there to deal a bit more with swarms.