Sunday, 11 March 2012

Lessons Learned

Got my games in with the two lists I have set for the 25th, the eKaya list is as straight forwards as it looked. Beat face and then beat it a bit more. The eKrueger list is still a little confusing. A brief overview.

eKaya had the privilage of playing against eHexeris, Druids ten to put a crimp on any enemy 'lock who like to sling spells at you and this was no different. The main problem was the 3 Titans, one of which was a bronzeback. After a horrible turn of trying to kill the damn thing (with the Feral and Pureblood on the job) I decided to forget about them and open up a lane to a squishy, squishy Hexeris. After throwing my own Gnarlhorn at him for the KD and a seris of slams, throws and just general attacks I got Laris through. just advanced and attacked a pretorian next to him. Then oh noes, he wasnt actually engaged with Hexeris. Still, Kaya went through and had a blast. left Hexeris on 1hp. I died to his counterattack...though he had to feat to get enough attacks. not bad to say I wasn't camping anything. Next time, forget about the chaff. Run Laris. Lesson learned.

eKrueger was against Terminus. I hate that guy BTW, 4 Lightning Storm on my first turn (I got second) severley hampered his movments but I did end up being ground into the dirt. Thanks to Orin Midwinter I couldn't get him out and his Sac Pawn ability meant I couldn't peg him with Eyriss and attempt a dirty teleport into him. He's always going to be the caster that gives me fits I think. Anyway, Orin needs to die, magic denial hurts Krueger...lesson learned. 

On a plus note my second set of shifting stones arrived and I've a full week off before the tournament. Gonna be a week of painting like a fool. Especially seeing as work seem to be enjoying taking up all my time (I played these games LAST MONDAY...and have only just got the free time to sit down and blog).

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