Sunday, 30 September 2012

Presenting, the Avenger!

Seriously, I know even I was doubting I'd get the guy done what with my track record at being massivly distracted by everything else that passes me by. But here we are, the Avenger!

I really should learn to doctor my photos or at least get a decent lamp. There we go though. He's ready to hit the table, though he does need his base cleaning off. I have also made a start on the Defender and Thorn (GASP!) but a game over vassal against Loftybloke put an end to that and I tidied it all up.

Yes obviously I took the gravediggers though it was only a quick 35pts game so wasn't the full list. I took:

Major Haley, Thorn, Avenger (bonded), Commandos (min), Infantry (max), Chain Gun, Master Gunner and Finn.


Bloody Barnabas, Snapper, Spitter, Wrastler, 2x Posse (max) and Thrullg.

I took first and moved everyone up. Haley dived into her trench to hide from the Spitter, his turn was similar but with barnabas putting down swamp pits and Gators cramming into them.  His spitter did manage a cheaky shot that melted a commando on the deviation. He survived the boosted blast but died to the corrosion.

Second turn Haley kept all her focus. Thorn advanced on the posse's who were side by side in swamp pits. Haley channeled timb bomb twice through him and due to a lucky deviation and some crafty targetting managed to catch all the posse with the spell, meaning they were all -2spd next turn. She then popped her feat. the commandos moved off to the left to hunt themselves a flanking thrullg and bagged it with a couple of grenades. The infantry moved up and waited for the Gators to be forced out of their swamps by popping smoke. With the Avenger right behind them.

His turn was both posse's crawling forward, the spitter hitting Thorn for a few damage but nothing serious and melting a pair of Trenchers who were covering him with smoke. the Wrastler advancing and waiting, the Snapper spiney growthing the Wrastlerand barney putting Iron Flesh on the unit of gators most central and then hiding behind them.

Third turn they were out of the swamps, time to pounce! Shame that 10 heavy infantry just don't fall down to gunfire quite as easily as you'd need them to. The avenger got 2 focus. Temporal acceleration and the Master gunner used artillerist on him to get to RAT8 with the aim. He then pumped two boosted to hit rounds into the iron fleshed posse and knocked them all down. Between that, Finn gunning them (rolled and got 3 shots!) Haleys hand cannon and 8 trencher infantry shooting them (all this with zero misses) I managed to kill 3 of them...whooo! The commandos failed to kill any of the other posse over the left but got on down to 1hp with a grenade. Not looking good.

Barnabas retaliated by charging a Trencher, Feating catching my whole army, killing the trencher and getting a free spell into Haley (who's trench is no good when your KD, Def20 would have been handy) boosting damage for 6 to her. Burned fury to cast it again and again did 6 damage. Hurting Haley thinks she is safe, oh no. The Wrastler advanced up and used it's animus Rise to get one of the Posse I failed to kill on it's feet. He had an easy line though to Haley (whom hadn't fallen back thinking the KD gators would have been shot to ribbons and thusly have been no threat, plus I'd forgotton about Rise) she got attacked by an angry Gator.

This is why Gators are my biggest fear...right above brain aneurysms.

 Anyway, bloody fun game, Barnabas is a pain in the backside 'lock for Cygnar. Not impossible but denying our shooting means we're in a lot of trouble. That and Gators being tough as old nails makes for a hard day.  Lofty did offer to switch 'locks out. But that would hardly have been fair.

Onto the good news, I've been passing ideas back and forth with Loftybloke and he is going to be making me a pair of nice looking trench templates so that he can attack Haley in them in style in future games. He should be documenting his process over at his Blog.

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  1. Haley's feat gives me a brain Aneurysm :(

    good game dude, and nice Warjack. You're rattling these guys off now eh? :)