Saturday, 4 January 2014


So the back end of last year and the start of the new one have been busy for me. I have had a daughter, so hobby time has started to shrink. I still get games in but now am splitting time between Warmachine and my other gaming love that is Infinity.

I did manage a few games last monday. But I also managed to go to the pub beforehand so I got fed up taking picture to do a battlereport and thought I wouldnt remember much anyway. I played my pMorvhana list, I have probably put it up already so won't bother today. My first game was against Reznik from the Protectorate of Menoth, we played Incursion. As we were both pretty drunk it became a case of who remembered (anything) the most. I ended up jamming with Bloodtrackers and regrowing them like crazy while Morvhana dominated the central objective and Ghetorix killed anygthing that might threaten her. The right objective got overrun with Bastions and I just teleported Stones in to contest and get further ahead on CP's. It worked and thankfully Reznik couldn't land a Hex Blast to save his life so I lost no upkeeps.

The next game was against Convergance. Captian Hammer Hands (Axis?) this game was called due to time constraints while I was 1-0 up on CP's (Incursion again) and honestly I was relieved. Go and look at her cards if you can. Look at all those lovely spells that do things to Living or Undead. Then go and look at 99% of Convergance. All Constructs, so Neither. I had no Feat and my only spells gave me 2 ARM. I still had Regrowth but you can't play a game on that one spell.

Anyway, hopefully I can post a bit more. Life is kinda hectic at the moment mind.

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