Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Work plan

Right, trying to get back into painting a bit more at the moment. I am not going to place any deadlines on myself because it is now under 2 weeks till the due date of my little baby girl. So everything can be thrown out the window in a moments notice.

Anyway, 5 painting goals I would like to achieve

1, Ghetorix
2, Totem Hunter
3, Wolves of Orboros
4, Tharn Ravagers
5, Dahlia and Skareth (sp?)

These are all pieces long neglected (aside from Ghetorix, but he needs paint. Being as awesome as he is) and generally get used occationally but tend to make up fewer lists than other models so constantly get pushed back on the painting list. I'm putting them on top. Lets get them done.

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